Our FIAT currency forex data provider is currencylayer. Historic cryptocurrency exchange rates come directly from the Exchange you sync with. Live spot prices come from CoinMarketCap.

Our code refreshes trading and funding transaction data from your wallets every four hours. Market prices are available real time through APIs. We ping the exchanges each time you open the app, run calculations and refresh your Altfolio screen with the latest data. We also recalculate and refresh comparative 'Performance' data every two hours.

No. KryptoGraphe is an Altfolio management app and lets you understand and analyse how your Altfolio is performing. Currently, it does NOT allow trading/investments or buy/sell/transfer orders of any sort.

KryptoGraphe currently has Integrations live with some of largest exchanges: Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex. In future releases, we will keep adding more exchanges and Wallets to make it easier for more people to use our app.

Start by clicking on the +/- Button at the bottom right of Portfolio Tab. Add Exchange by using an API & Secret Key available within each Exchange. When you are creating these API Keys, please feel free to create READ-ONLY keys, but do make sure you allow read capabilities for all transactions (trading and funding history).

No. If you are using more than one app like ours, it is good practice to generate separate API and Secret keys for each system. Reused keys may cause a problem with data sync and cause incorrect data to show up.

This is calculated using the difference between current market value of the holdings vis-a-vis the price at which you purchased them, or when that coin was deposited to the account/wallet. (There are exceptions where this is not possible e.g. for exchanges like Bittrex, details below).

Using time based sequence of purchases, sales & transfers, we use the accounting standard FIFO (First-In-First-Out) to calculate returns based on when you purchased each cryptocurrency that you currently hold.

For most dashboards, the time frames you can select are: (1D) One day, (1W) One week, (1M) One month, (3M) Three months, (1Y) One year and (ALL) starting from the time you made the purchase.

Growth / Returns shown are absolute and not annualized. Our app currently shows you the total growth attained over the time frame selected, and not on a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) basis.

Currently, we show the growth only in your current holdings and not for those you have sold off, or transferred to a wallet outside. In investment terms, we DO NOT display booked profit or loss, only growth of your current holding. However, this feature is being worked upon and should be available in the latter part of the year.

If you have coins through an ICO, or have a soft, hard or exchange wallet we haven't integrated with yet, you can add these transactions manually. Work is in progress to add several wallets and you will likely soon see your favorite wallet available on our app soon, ready to be auto-synced.

Coins could have been purchased or sold using a FIAT currency (like USD or Japanese Yen), or using another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. To make it easier to comprehend and analyze, our app auto converts these for and shows you the price and growth numbers in any FIAT currency of your choice. To make this possible, our code uses Forex and Coin Exchange rates prevalent at the time of buy/deposit to calculate the purchase price in your native FIAT.

An honest view on the performance of your Altfolio emerges when you compare it against other investors. The Performance tab in our app shows you how you are doing compared to investors like you, Top 25% investors, investors in your country and all investors. For the category "Investors like you", we consider investors with an overall Altfolio size similar to yours.

With data hosted on a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, your Altfolio data is safe. Also, the KryptoGraphe app can only read data and is not designed to write to any wallet, or trigger any transaction. The app and backend use Amazon Cognito for secure sign-up and sign-in. Federated identities allow you to safely sign up using Facebook.

The KryptoGraphe app caches some data on the phone for a speedier experience and to show your Altfolio even when there is no Internet connectivity. This data is sandboxed so no other app can access it. Live data is updated as soon as connectivity is restored. Stale data is then invalidated and automatically removed.

Moving to a new phone is just a sign-in away, our data will get ported to a new device as soon as you download our app to the new phone and access with your login details.

In most countries, trading cryptocurrency to a FIAT currency is a taxable event, and trading cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency is also a taxable event. In future releases, our upcoming tax module will allow you to auto-calculate your Tax liability.

Our Privacy Policy is available HERE {Link to http://www.kryptographe.com/privacy-policy/}.

In case you have an account with Bittrex, please note it currently allows us to read your coin transactions and funding history only for the last 30 days. Their API does NOT (currently) give ascess to buy or sell data of transactions made before that. As a workaround, we handle your Bittrex coin holdings by marking purchase price = market price at the time, when you added the exchange. Growth calculations are hence only indicative and not real.

Not by using the KryptoGraphe app. We use APIs to the exchanges to only read coin-related data, and we DO NOT write/update anything to it, and DO NOT execute any transactions.

Yes. Since crypto is a worldwide phenomenon, we are trying to make KryptoGraphe a global app available in local languages. We are releasing it in several languages, and our website is also available in those languages.

On an average, you will see 3-4 posts per day. Our team sorts and posts the same content across all our Social Channels including Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram.

In the CoinMarketCap Tab, swipe left on the Coin you want to watch for it to get added to the Watchlist. You can always remove it later.

All members of KryptoGraphe invest in cryptocurrencies and stay closely involved with market developments and news. And yes, we are all users of the app ourselves and are found spending time with it, often more than we ought to 😉