What Are 5 Good Education Sources For Learning Blockchain & Bitcoin?

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, and almost everyone is looking to invest especially as their values grew exponentially in the last year but sadly, cryptos can be confusing. Plus, there are lots options to choose from making it hard to decide or even get started. We’re looking to change that. Below, we’ve listed our top five sources for cryptocurrency education!

That said, don’t think that you can just buy a currency today and reap rewards immediately. Before buying, please learn the merits and demerits of the coin you intend to invest in as well as the firms you need to work with for your investment to yield the desired profits. Below are the top 5 very reputable resources you can make use of to effectively learn all you need to know about investing in cryptocurrencies.


If you’re interested in learning about how blockchain technology works, Blockgeeks – a fast-rising learning platform – is perfect for you. It offers weekly mentoring, introductory courses, master courses, technical and non-technical courses, smart contract information, application and development of blockchain courses etc. they also have a continuously growing library of video lessons that are constantly being updated. In addition to the above, they offer quizzes and interactive code challenges.

Blockchain Semantics

Blockchain Semantics is a trustworthy resource for anyone who wants to learn about digital currencies. It is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of cryptocurrency for free. They offer the following courses:

  • Introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain
  • Using solidity to develop decentralized applications on Ethereum.
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies

Their courses – being some of the fastest rising bestsellers on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – offer all you need to learn, from glossary to the most recent and complicated concepts. They go beyond the surface and show you exactly what it is that makes Bitcoin and blockchains special. Users are able to understand the concept of Bitcoin, its security and other technical workings associated with it. They focus on regulations, security, anonymity, pricing and future path. Their courses are very efficient in helping beginners build a strong conceptual base on which they can grow in their understanding of advanced blockchain technologies.

Features of Blockchain Certification Training at blockchain semantics include;

  • 24 x 7 support
  • Training is handled by certified industry professional trainers
  • Enterprise class learning management system
  • Top quality reporting for teams and individuals as well
  • Opportunity for a one-on-one personal doubt clearing session with the trainers
  • A minimum of 5 interviews with corporate partners.


The Udemy online platform has a lot of deeply detailed courses on blockchain technology and its ecosystem so no matter where you are on your cryptocurrency journey – be you a beginner or an expert – Udemy has something for you. Some of the courses available have been designed with beginners in mind and it covers the basics like how cryptocurrencies and blockchain works and how it can be applied. These courses are offered by experts who have the knowledge and experience to put you through. Udemy courses cover blockchain technology, cryptography, development, tips and tools etc.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit, training facility that tries to leverage the power of the internet to educate as many people as possible no matter where they live in the world. Like almost every other important online educational website, it has a segment on blockchain but Khan Academy’s courses are mostly free and are extremely useful for both beginners and experts. This is a good place for anyone interested in growing their crypto industry knowledge.


Edureka is a platform that offers prospective learners lots of blockchain tutorials. Their courses include a fundamental training on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. They start by identifying the current issues with the traditional banking system and then show how blockchain technology solves these problems. Then they go on to explain how blockchain technology works and break down the different components for easy understanding. For instance, they explain blockchain features such as SHA256 hash function, distributed ledger, public key cryptography, proof of work and incentives for validation. At this point, it likens it to the traditional supply chain to ensure that you fully understand the impact this technology can have on various industries.

The tutorial concludes with a step-by-step Ethereum training. By the time you’re done with this tutorial, you should be able to design a test digital bank making use of the Ethereum blockchain. Your Ethereum based system should enable you:

  • Create a digital currency with stable supply and tokens that have real-world value.
  • Manage a personalized blockchain with well-defined guidelines influencing how your currency can be spent
  • Mine Ether and authenticate transactions.

The Ethereum tutorial has a ready-made code and also refers you to GitHub for the implementation of Ethereum protocol thus making it very effective and valuable.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

The crypto market is quite different from all other markets and so, knowledge and success in other industries cannot just be carried over to the digital currency market. You need to learn the fundamentals and keep up with the ever-changing trends if you want to make money from this market.

The value of Bitcoin and other digital currencies change daily and while some investors feel they need to wait for a dip to invest, there’s also a chance that the price might never be as low as they are right now – nothing is written on stone. There are lots of risks involved but there’s also a corresponding potential to make lots of profit.

The 5 resources listed above should help you with everything you need to know to be able to successfully invest in the cryptocurrency market.


  • Georje April 2018 - Reply

    The least risky coins will be usually the coins that have around longest and the highest market cap and highest volume.

  • Angela April 2018 - Reply

    Been learning from Blockgeeks from some time now and I’ve even studied some Udemy courses on the matter (free and paid courses). I knew about Khan Academy but didn’t know about Blockchain Semantics and Edureka – will have a closer look since I’m always open to new ideas or new ways of presenting new ideas. But right now, Blockgeeks is still my fave.

  • Daniel Taylor April 2018 - Reply

    What an excellent resource right here! I have wanted to learn more since it seem the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies are not going away anytime soon. I am going to start right at the top of the list and see what I can learn!

    • Jeannine Chavez June 2018 - Reply

      I know right? This website is loaded with so much information. i have yet to find a reason to stop coming back for more!

  • William Angulo April 2018 - Reply

    With so much information out there, it is nice to see a list of sources that can actually help. I have been bumping into a few websites here and there that claim to be the source for learning about Bitcoin, but really never feel comfortable once I read through a few articles.

  • Tyler May 2018 - Reply

    All 5 sources are very good, it’s just a matter of what you like better and feel more accustomed to. I personally like to use a mix of Udemy and Blockchain Semantics mostly but I’ve also used the other places from time to time.

  • Doug May 2018 - Reply

    I find cryptos very confusing so I’m glad I stumbled upon this article. I use Khan Academy and Udemy for my traditional studies but didn’t know I could use it to take courses on bitcoins as well so I’ll definitely be looking that up soon. Thanks.

  • Sam Aberdeen May 2018 - Reply

    Great article. It’s important to learn whatever you can before diving into the cryptocurrency/Blockchain market. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Read articles, listen to podcasts, and consult with experts. These look to be five good education sources.

  • Helen June 2018 - Reply

    If you’re a complete newbie that you should start reading some articles from Blockgeeks and get familiarized with the basics before going for anything else.

  • Mike Hurst June 2018 - Reply

    Other than coming here to read new articles, I have been using BlockGeeks the most. The website is easy to navigate and it seems they have at least one post regarding each of the topics that I have been searching for.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    I just recently caught up with the cryptocurrency wish I did soon. Reading this helped me understand even more about the different sources for more.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    Cryptos can be pretty confusing this article helps break down the different investments you can make and knowing the difference.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    I love the irony in reading to learn about learning about crytos, but this was a great read! As a newbie, this gave some great insight about where to get started.

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    I’ve used Khan Academy to study for my SAT! 😂 It really helped a lot, so I’ll have to check it out to learn more about crypto’s. Thanks for letting me know about that!

  • Amara Garza August 2018 - Reply

    I’ve gone through some Udemy courses before. I really like the platform and have a few good ones I’d recommend for beginners. The cost is relatively cheap too… another plus!

  • Haley Torres August 2018 - Reply

    Some friends just asked me for resources to help them learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain tech. I’m going to pass this article along to them. I’ve seen some good Udemy courses online and have tried 1-2 myself.

  • Oliwia September 2018 - Reply

    Thanks for all of this! I look forward to learning more!

  • Gracie September 2018 - Reply

    This is great! Thanks for sharing all of these with me!

  • Tyler Briley November 2018 - Reply

    Nice! So confusing when you do not know where to start. Thank you for the great resources for learning blockchain.

  • Susan Andrews November 2018 - Reply

    I follow Block Geeks. I feel like the information that I am getting is raw and not leaning one way or the other. I guess that is what makes for a good channel!

  • Jerry Atherton November 2018 - Reply

    Look, you have some good resources here. There is so much information, it has to be compiled somewhere in such a way that can be read and understood, otherwise consumers are just shooting from the hip and making bad decisions.

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