Airbnb Users Want Crypto Payment Options, According To CEO’s Twitter Poll

The news of the talks of including BTC as a payment option for Airbnb has been the headline for quite a few days. The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, made a poll for about 400,000 followers over Twitter for their suggestions on improving their platform in 2022. According to him, most of the respondents were concerned with the currencies used in the payment methods. Most of them could not pay via BTC, which is currently a very popular digital currency across the world. Some other requests also included a loyalty program for loyal visitors, updated cleaning charges, improved customer service, transparent pricing displays, and more.

Airbnb Users

The existing payment gateways accepted by Airbnb include visa, MasterCard, apple pay, google pay, and PayPal. According to Brian, they have processed over $336 billion in transactions since 2013. The Airbnb potential crypt payment section will not just be confined to two digital assets only.

Brian was always very vocal about the emerging technologies in the world. This is where in September, he told Fox Business how they had received numerous queries about crypto payment requests over the years.

In the interview with Nilay Patel, Brian was asked about his thoughts on the crypto market and the metaverse. According to him, the company is looking at it, and this is a potential revolution coming into the world over time.

He also went ahead and stated how Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, was also a former employee of Airbnb. This crypto news around Airbnb will also give rise to a significant competitive market from the decentralized blockchain alternatives such as’s, Dtravel, and similar other rental services.

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