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If you observe the trend in the crypto market, you’ll see that most people who were involved in stacking up cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum have now transitioned to trading them. The interesting aspect is that this trend has been visible since 2017. So, what led to this transition.

Bitcoin, the progenitor of all digital currencies, reached its zenith in 2017 when it crossed the $19,000 mark. Crypto enthusiasts who stacked up Bitcoins, sold them at this value. And, now we can see them trading crypto. The primary reason behind it is that most crypto observers believe that it’s almost impossible for Bitcoin to reach its peak for a few years.

As a beginner, you can start trading, too, using automated platforms like Bitcoin Trader.

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About Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a digital currency trading platform that assures safe and secure trading on global crypto exchanges. After a fast and accurate analysis of market fluctuations, members get to access the charts and tables on their account page. Expert traders in the crypto market rely on this trading platform for its accurate data analysis as it is impossible for any individual to collect, process, and analyze this huge data.

For beginners, Bitcoin Trader has a friendly automated robot that executes the trade and books profit if certain trade settings are chosen. Trading and profit-booking are made more appealing through the margin-trading feature. Members can borrow funds, trade with more funds, and book greater profits. Thousands across the world rely on the software with their hard-earned income. It has helped traders become millionaires in only 61 days!

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency trading platform with specialized tools to ensure that trading is fast, better-organized, and profitable. This platform’s data collection software is ingeniously created to gather the price-movement data in respect of all the cryptocurrencies and from global exchanges. This huge data is then analyzed, compared with historic trade data, and lucrative trade signals generated for the users. Users can follow these signals and execute profit-making trades, manually or through the automated trading robot. All this is completed in a few milliseconds, so the members of this trading platform can execute their trades before the market makes another move.

The ‘time-jump’ feature, incorporated into the software allows it to get ahead of the crypto market by 0.01 seconds. It allows the software to predict the future position of the market with 100% precision and bring reliable trading opportunities for you. You can expect to win $1,100 in profits daily using the Bitcoin Trader software.

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How to Use Bitcoin Trader?

Step 1: Sign-up on the Bitcoin Trader Platform

You’ll find a sign-up form on the platform’s starting page. You’ve to fill it up by providing your details, like your full name, and email address. The software will authenticate the personal details provided and you’ll become its newest member. You’ll receive access to the private members’ area and you can proceed to add funds. Since the developers don’t charge any joining fee, you can register instantly.

Step 2: Add Funds into Trading Account

Once you’ve gained access to the private members’ page, you can add funds to your trading account. These are the funds that the software will use to execute profitable trades for you. The minimum deposit is just $250, so you can start with small orders and cautiously increase your investment amount.

Step 3: Verification of Personal Data

Once you’ve provided your payment details, the software will verify it before deducting your initial investment. This is done to ensure your trading account is safe and stays clear of unnecessary fraud.

Step 4: Practice, Explore, and Learn

With Bitcoin Trader, you obtain the feature of a demo account. You can use the account to place virtual trade orders. It also allows you to explore the features and services offered by the trading platform and see if it suits your preferences. The account helps you to gain experience in the crypto market that will come handy when you go into real trading.

Step 5: Fix Trading Parameters and Select Trading Mode

The first step to place real trades is to fix trading parameters according to your requirements. It includes the amount of risk you’d prefer on every order, the money you wish to invest, and the time interval between trades. You can modify and fine-tune trading parameters whenever you want. Setting the parameters to your preferences helps you to remain in charge of your trades.

Now, select the mode of trading. You can choose between the manual mode and assistance mode. If you want the software to execute trades for you, choose the assistance mode; otherwise, switch to manual trading.

Step 6: Obtain Accurate Trading Signals and Execute Trades

Bitcoin traders will bring lucrative trading signals for you. It conducts an extensive market scan and pulls those trading opportunities that match your trading profile. If you’re trading in the assistance mode, the software will place these trades for you. Since it has a success rate of over 99%, you can profit from every trade.

Step 7: Transfer Winnings into Bank Account

The platform supports easy and smooth withdrawals. To transfer your winnings into your bank account, you’ve to fill a withdrawal form. Once it gets approved, you’ll receive your winnings into your savings account.

bitcoin trader review

Benefits of Bitcoin Trader

Top Technology

This trading bot uses top technology to scan the Bitcoin market and give you profit-maximizing trading opportunities. It has a precision rate of 99.4%, which helps you to win from every trade.

Reliable Signals

Bitcoin Trader provides you with the most reliable trading signals to trade in the entire crypto trading sector. It’ll not only pull these trades for you but also execute them and book profits.

Fast transactions

Bitcoin Trader supports HFT or High-Frequency Trading. It can complete twenty transactions in 10 minutes. You can win from multiple trades at a particular point.

Secure Trading Bot 

Bitcoin Trader provides you with the most secure and protected platform online. It’s incorporated with malware programs and antivirus. So, your details and information are protected. You don’t have to worry about any of your data or information getting accessed by anyone other than yourself.

Online Customer Service 

It provides you with an online 24*7 customer service. The team is available for any query or questions you have about operating the software. It will research and give you the right information about your query and solve it.

Fast Withdrawals

Bitcoin Trader also offers fast withdrawals. Your withdrawal requests are processed in a day or so. You’ll get your profits in your bank account whenever you want.

Low deposit 

You have to make a primary deposit of $250 on the Bitcoin Trader. It is a starting capital. You can earn thousands on this investment. Also, you’ve to remember that your investment is directly proportional to your profits. So, as you keep increasing your trading capital, your profit would keep on increasing proportionately.

Cost Implications

The Bitcoin Trader platform is free of any charges. It doesn’t deduct fees for registration, withdrawal, subscription, or other hidden charges. The developers charge a negligible ‘maintenance fee’ from you. The software will deduct it as a small proportion of your income. It uses this maintenance fee to bring you updated, bug-free versions of the software.

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What is CFD trading?

CFD or ‘Contract for Difference’ trading refers to a type of trading technique that involves predicting any market’s future position, and rapid ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ of assets.

Can you leverage the volatility of the market in CFD trading?

Yes, you can leverage the market fluctuations in CFD trading and get an advantage. However, it’s not simple for the human brain to speculate on the future positions of the market accurately. Most of the time, the prediction made by a human is erroneous. The case is different for trading software like Bitcoin Trader, which can precisely predict and book profits.

Is it necessary to be experienced while trading on the software?

No, you don’t have to be an experienced trader while trading on the Bitcoin Trader software. It’s a beginner-friendly software and anyone can use it to earn passive revenue. It does all the work for you, starting from studying the market conditions to booking profits.

How much time do you need to dedicate to the platform every day?

Since the software does all the work on your behalf, you don’t have to spend hours on the platform, supervising your trades. You can concentrate on your primary job and other aspects of your life, while Bitcoin Trader executes profitable trades for you, all day long.

You can log in for 20 minutes daily, modify your trading parameters, and withdraw your winnings.

How much profit can you expect daily?

On average, you can expect $1,100 in profits every day. You should remember that your profits entirely depend on your investment, so as you increase your deposits, your profits will rise automatically.

Is there an upper limit to the amount of profit you can win on the software?

No, there’s no upper limit to the amount you can win using the Bitcoin Trader software. The software has assisted traders in becoming millionaires in only 2 months!


  • Accurate trade analysis.
  • Fast generation of trade signals. A lead time of 0.01 seconds.
  • Precise profitable trade forecasts. 99.4% accuracy rate.
  • Trading with an automated robot.
  • Margin-trading is available for all customers.
  • Demo-trading feature for learning.
  • Supportive customer care.


  • You need an internet connection to trade with Bitcoin Trader.

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Customer Testimonials

I was into stock trading and making moderate profits when my partner suggested that we diversify to cryptocurrency trading. We found that many trading platforms with varying features are available in the market, and after research on the internet, we selected the best of the lot, Bitcoin Trader. And we never regretted our decision. This trading platform is earning us huge daily profits, we don’t have to do any research as the software does it and generates profitable trade signals. I recommend it. Robert William, 35, South Africa.

When my company discontinued its business, I was worried about my finances. I had married recently, my wife was pregnant, we bought a house and a car on a bank loan. I missed paying installments for two months and my creditor was pursuing me hard for the payment. My wife suggested that I register on Bitcoin Trader. In a month, I made $13000 in profits with leverage-trading in cryptocurrencies and paid my due installments. Now, after a year, I have paid my debts and bought a medicine shop at the local shopping arcade. Jacob, 30, UK.

Six months ago, when I registered on Bitcoin Trader, I did not imagine how my life would change. This digital currency trading platform is very accurate in predicting profitable trades, and I made good profits every day. Daily, I reinvested my profits, chose the trade parameters from settings, and started the automated robot to execute my trades. So, while I was working in my office, Bitcoin Trader booked me profits and increased my funds. Now, even I can’t believe that I am a millionaire. Aubrey, 45, Germany.

On my retirement day, my son suggested that I started to trade in cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Trader. He said it was easy to use for a technically-challenged person like me. I became a member of this trading platform within a month with support from the knowledgeable customer service team. The demo-trading feature also proved to be beneficial for me to learn about crypto-trading. Now I am an expert in crypto trading, though I use the automated robot to execute my trades. And I am earning more than my monthly wage. Mark, 61,  Singapore.


Most people believe that there’s a considerable amount of risk involved with trading. They’re accurate in their analysis. But with Bitcoin Trader, your risk level reduces to a minimal amount. You can expect to profit from every trade that the software executes on your behalf.

It’s a free trading platform with a beginner-friendly approach. You can start trading today. Register on Bitcoin Trader!

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