Blockchain Prediction ($10B by 2022)

Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for the period between 2017 to 2022 defines the disruptive impacts of digital businesses innovations and how their subsequent effects will prove to have a much more disruptive impact than their earlier interferences in the nature of the economy. Basically, three high-level behaviors will be noticed from the predictions;
  1. Digital experience and engagement will draw people to nonstop virtual interaction.
  2. Business innovation will create extraordinary change from mundane concepts.
  3. Secondary effects will surpass the disruption from the initial digital change.

The figure illustrates the following predictions; through 2020;
  1. 100 million consumers will consider shopping in augmented reality, augmented reality such as Pokémon Go will be popular and more retailers will incorporate it.
  2. A third of the web browsing will be screen less, due to new audio-centric technologies such as Google Home which is making access to dialogue based information and inventing more similar platforms.
  3. 20% of brands will not be using mobile applications, as they have realized that returns here are relatively lower than expected.
  4. Algorithms will alter more than 1 billion worldwide workers’ behavior.
  5. A blockchain business will be of higher value, $10 billion.
  6. 20% either of the digital giants will be involved in most of the activities in the sector.
  7. Each enterprise investing $1 in innovation will need $7 in its core execution.
  8. Data center storage demand will increase by about 3% due to Internet of Things.
  9. Internet of Things will enable consumers spare $1 Trillion annually in maintenance, services, and consumable costs.
  10. 40% of employees would be able to cut their healthcare expenses by wearing a fitness tracker; firms would hire fitness program managers to work closely with human resource leaders to incorporate fitness trackers in wellness programs.


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