Which are the Top 5 Altcoins in the category ‘Privacy Coin’?


Privacy is a major cryptocurrency problem that even Bitcoin – the mother of all cryptocurrencies – doesn’t solve. The Bitcoin blockchain ledger is public, and so all transactions by all addresses on the blockchain ledger can be viewed by anyone. The amount of money transferred, the address transferred to, and other details concerning all transactions […]

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Altcoins vs. FIAT money

Altcoins FIAT

The alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoins are termed as “Altcoins” in the world of cryptocurrencies, all of which are token based. So, let us see why Altcoins were developed, how they differ from good old FIAT money. The Concept Behind AltcoinsWhen a new service succeeds, then doors for potential entrants in the market are opened respectfully, and […]

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Cryptocurrency Investments: The Beginners Guide

cryptocurrency investments, cryptocurrency market

New to the cryptocurrency market? Still trying to get a grip on the idea of fully digitized money, let alone the perceived complexity of actually acquiring crypto assets? Fear not, for you are not alone. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has drawn its fair share of skeptical attention since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, […]

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