Smart Contracts

What Are the Most Popular Cryptocurrency Terms?

Cryptocurrency terms

Are you new to the world of cryptocurrencies? If yes, chances are you’re trying to fit into its extraordinarily dense ecosystem. Well, for what it’s worth — you’re not alone; we’ve all been there. For the most part, the crypto world is chock full of jargons, most of which may sound pretty strange to you. […]

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What are ‘Smart Contracts’? What is a ‘Distributed App’ (DAPP)?

smart contract

Cryptocurrencies have brought their own means of payment and networking alongside them, and one of them is “Smart Contracts” popularly used by the Ethereum Blockchain network and its distributed applications (DAPP). This article aims to explain the two concepts of Smart Contracts and DAPP in sufficient depth, after which you will not only be fascinated […]

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Technology Investments in Blockchain


Blockchain Service Provider assessment Any company or firms seeking to gain maximum benefits on blockchain’s potential to increase operational efficiency and to enable new business models and client solutions should consider coming up with a blockchain consortium, or rather join an already established one. While doing this, they have to heed the advice of the […]

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