Crypto Currency

The Rise And Decline Of The ICO


The fledgling sectors, blockchain, and digital assets have had a disruptive influence on incumbent financial practices, as well as altered the manner in which members of the general public perceive, exchange, and interact with value. The growing tide of interest in digital currencies year on year offered the average individual the ability to invest in […]

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Which are the top locations for cryptocurrency mining?

Crypto mining, cryptocurrency mining

This industry, which is now active in over a hundred countries, is actually the oldest industry to break out from the innovation that is cryptocurrency. Formally referred to as mining, this industry has grown to become the backbone of Bitcoin’s network, tirelessly at work confirming transactions from across the globe. What is cryptocurrency mining? Going […]

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Cryptocurrency is Changing How People Gamble

Crypto gambling

While people have been gambling online since the early 2000s, the technology at the time could not implement the necessary security measures that have allowed the industry to be as secure as it is today. Establishing this trust has not been easy for the online gambling industry. In 2011, the FBI raided three top gambling […]

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Cryptocurrencies and their links to the crime world

crypto terrorism, crime world

Cryptocurrency and its connection to crime The euphoria of the crypto economy’s rise -in the eyes of a few -seems to have hidden behind it, an ominous possibility. The possibility of digital assets and blockchain improving lives by breaking down financial barriers is how they caught the world’s attention. However, the possibility of criminal use, […]

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What Is A 51% Attack?

51 percent attack

A 51% attack is malicious act on a blockchain network that a participant wishing take control can effect by contributing more than 50% of the computing power supporting the network. This would, in effect, give the actor the power to alter certain aspects of the bloclchain network’s functionality. If an individual or group of miners […]

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Regions with the biggest impact on cryptocurrency prices


Meta regions with biggest impact on cryptocurrency prices The digital assets market has ballooned to a total market capitalization of $500 billion, and through the efforts of various participants, has all but established itself as a veritable industry in the decade or so since the inception of Bitcoin. Several different factors (from security concerns to […]

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Crypto Funds: Top Performers For 2018


The rise in popularity of the digital assets market has attracted many an investor to the, often choppy, waters of cryptocurrency trading. While the growth of bitcoin and various other digital assets has garnered the attention of various players directly buying, selling and holding crypto assets on several different exchanges and virtual wallets as well […]

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Cryptocurrency OTC trading breakdown November 2018


OTC trading: the big trader’s way Have you ever asked yourself how Bitcoin’s early adopters switch out cryptocurrency for fiat? Have you ever wondered how crypto hedge funds like Pantera Capital make multi-million dollar trades daily while minimizing risk? Or, are you high earner looking to get a slice of what might be the next […]

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What are the 5 Things Standing In Cryptocurrency’s Way?

Things standing in cryptocurrency’s way

Cryptocurrency has become one of the more difficult tech developments in decades to gauge. Typically when a new technology comes along we can clearly track its growth and expansion, or its failure. With the cryptocurrency way, however, there is so much ongoing development, and there are so many pros and cons, different uses, and applications, […]

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Which are the Top 5 Altcoins in the Cannabis Industry?

Which are the Top 5 Altcoins in the Cannabis Industry

What do you find to be the biggest challenge of the cannabis industry? Well, there are actually two issues here — the cash problem and restrictions imposed by the government. For the most part, the cannabis market is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in the US. But unfortunately, the market still sits in […]

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