Which are the Top 5 Ethereum Based DApps?

Ethereum DApps, DApps, Ethereum

In today’s golden era of technology and innovation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say blockchain technology is here to stay. Yes, its many applications are more than enough proof of the impact it’s going to have on several different industries and even the world at large. Moving forward, if you’ve been keeping […]

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What are ‘Smart Contracts’? What is a ‘Distributed App’ (DAPP)?

smart contract

Cryptocurrencies have brought their own means of payment and networking alongside them, and one of them is “Smart Contracts” popularly used by the Ethereum Blockchain network and its distributed applications (DAPP). This article aims to explain the two concepts of Smart Contracts and DAPP in sufficient depth, after which you will not only be fascinated […]

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What are Distributed Apps (DAPPs)?


Centralized leadership was always questioned by the very fundamentals of democracy, which believes that the people themselves should decide how they want the future to be shaped for them, and how they wish to contribute to it. The development of distributed applications (DAPPs) is a micro representation of this idea of having an unregulated yet […]

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