Which Are the Best Decentralized Search Engines?

Decentralized search engine, search engines, decentralized

Ever given thought to how it’ll feel to have power over search? More like to be able to surf the web with little to no worries about data security? If yes, you’re certainly not alone! But hey, let’s face it; centralized search engines are currently dominating the scene (all eyes on you Google). And of […]

Which Are The Top 5 Blockchain-Based Affiliate Programs?

affiliate programs, blockchain

Blockchain and affiliate marketing? Whoever thought such a merger could happen? Well, that’s just one of the many incredible possibilities of the blockchain. First off, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the affiliate industry is concerned or interested in this revolutionary technology. Yes, as most of us already know, blockchain technology is basically […]

Which are the Top 5 Blockchain Applications for the Aviation Industry?

Which are the Top 5 Blockchain Applications for the Aviation Industry?

What’s the first thing that hits your mind when you think of the service industry? Well, if you’re in tune with today’s happenings, you’ll relate when we say there’s an ever-growing demand from the customer. And yes, this is especially true for the incredibly huge and highly lucrative aviation industry. For those who might not […]

Which Are the Top 5 Best Blockchain-based Music Streaming Platforms?

Blockchain based music streaming platform

Let’s face it; music streaming is huge right now — it’s basically the 21st-century vinyl. In fact, today’s traditional streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have become cash cows for the music industry. Of course, this is a good thing in the sense that people all around the world will begin to see on-demand […]

What are the Top 5 Blockchain Applications in Logistics?

Blockchain in logistics

The logistics industry; projected to be worth $15.5 trillion by 2023 and still likely to grow bigger thereafter. Yes, the transport and logistics industry is huge, but of course, it’s not without its fair share of challenges. First off, this industry is the backbone of just about every business across the globe. But unfortunately, managing […]

What Are the Best Books for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Beginners?

Blockchain & Crypto Books

Let’s face it; it’s never easy to get a grasp of everything “blockchain and cryptocurrency” right off the bat. Yes, the entire concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be pretty confusing, especially to newbies who might have gotten used to centralized operations. Are you one? If yes, you’re not alone — we’ve all been there.But […]