Which are the Top 5 blockchain based Advertising platforms?

Today, it’s no longer news that blockchain technology is one of the biggest and most innovative technological advancements right now. As most of us already know, its applications go way beyond the financial sector — many more industries are being disrupted by the day. And one of such is the $192 billion digital advertising industry. Yes, you heard it right; the disruptive influence of blockchain technology can actually clear away some of the opacity clouding the online advertising sphere.

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So yes, as with other industries, the online advertising industry also has its fair share of challenges. Topping the list is the issue of online ad fraud; a situation where bots instead of humans are engaging with ads. Moreover, since digital advertising mostly makes use of automated technology, it can be pretty difficult to figure out where the ads are placed. And unfortunately, this unfavorable development may lead to the loss of millions of dollars.

But of course, there’s good news! Yes, with blockchain technology, advertisers will get to enjoy transparency and unmatched encryption. What’s more, companies will be fully aware of who is viewing their ads and make adjustments if need be. So of course, they’ll be able to save a whole lot of money on ad spend as opposed to losing it to fraud.

It’s also good to know that blockchain technology can fix the advertising industry trust problem. In essence, you can work and of course, rest easy knowing that you don’t have to put faith in another party. What’s more, this promising technology allows for the protection of consumer data and that’s super. The ability to interact directly with customers and have a stronger influence over their journey is also a huge plus.

Ready to experience how blockchain technology can transform the digital ad journey? If yes, don’t hesitate to check out these top 5 blockchain-based advertising platforms.


AdCoin Click

Ever heard of AdCoin Click? If yes, you’re not alone. It’s one of the best blockchain-based digital advertising platforms right now. For the most part, AdCoin Click is a platform that caters to both advertisers and publishers. In essence, both parties will get to work together for the greater good of their business. So of course, it’s up to you to stick to your path and start reaching out to crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

Want to join as an advertiser? If yes, you’ll be happy to hear that you can get things up and running in as little as 5 minutes! In other words, you can make payments in no time with almost zero fees. It’s also good to know that AdCoin Click already has top-tier publishers that can help you get precise targeting. So yes, your ads will be placed on some the best hyper-targeted websites, most of which are sure to convert into direct business.

But what if you’re a publisher? Well, AdCoin Click still has quite a few benefits in store for publishers. For one, you can register for free and start finding quality clients right off the bat. And even better, payout is guaranteed and entirely free of transactional costs! And lest we forget, the platform has its own token — AdCoin. Of course, this is what will be used to pay for onsite transactions and the likes. Overall, we think the platform holds a lot of promises for both advertisers and publishers alike. An excellent pick for those interested in running highly targeted ad campaigns.



Next up is AdEx — a blockchain-based advertising platform that looks to eliminate some of the industry’s biggest challenges. And yes, when we say problems, we’re referring to advertising fraud, privacy concerns, lack of consumer consent and excessive use of ad blockers. First off, it’s good to mention that AdEx is 100% transparent and built on top of Ethereum blockchain. Moving forward, as an advertiser, you’ll be glad to know that the platform only charges you for valid click-throughs. And chances are you’re going to see impressive results in no time.

Essentially, AdEx (advertising exchange) shares the same concept with AdCoin Click. This decentralized platform is basically a place where advertisers and publishers can meet to take their business to the next level. Perhaps the biggest highlight of AdEx is the User Profile section; a portal that allows users to specify and control the ads they see. So of course, with AdEx solution, advertisers will be aware of customer preferences, behavior, and shopping habits. And this, of course, is a great way to create relevant ads that work! Be sure to visit their site to learn more.



Papyrus is yet another decentralized platform that’s set to disrupt the digital advertising market and proffer solution to its many problems. As an open-source scalable blockchain platform, Papyrus is built to eliminate issues like fraud traffic, exorbitant middleman cuts and brand safety issues. In fact, the platform also looks to solve the issue of the absence of supply chain transparency. As with other platforms on our list, Papyrus aims to facilitate trading between advertisers, publishers, and clients. First off, Papyrus emphasizes controlled advertising. It’s basically a feature that allows users control what ads they see at a given point in time.

Another great thing about this platform is its dedication to promoting high-quality traffic. Essentially, Papyrus has antifraud solutions that protect the interests of advertisers. So yes, they’ll no longer have to worry about serving their ads to bots or fraudulent traffic. The platform’s sharing economy is also worth talking about; it’s basically a system that rewards users for sharing data and responding to ads. Its focus on real-time advertising payments is also a huge plus.

To sum it up, Papyrus is as transparent as can be. In essence, all advertising data is stored in the blockchain — completely safe and secure. We recommend you visit their site to learn more about their outstanding solution.



Built on NEM and Ethereum blockchain technology, Qchain is exactly what you want it to be — secure, reliable, scalable and decentralized. Essentially, Qchain is an advertising ecosystem that offers secure solutions for advertisers, publishers, and hosts. Moving forward, Qchain is like other blockchain-based platforms out there — it has no central authority. So as you probably expected, both advertisers and publishers will get to enjoy greater flexibility. As for advertisers, they’ll pay reasonable fees for ads and link up with publishers to serve their content to users. And of course, publishers on Qchain can always look forward to receiving higher payouts — it’s basically a win-win for everyone.

So what’s the responsibility of the Host? Well, for the most part, the host on Qchain serves as the transaction verifier. In essence, this entity provides bandwidth and computing capacity to verify the legitimacy of the ad activity. The bottom line; Qchain’s solution is fair, open-source and decentralized. And finally, the company has a wealth of information on their site — we recommend checking it out to learn more.


Native Video Box

Interested in video advertising? If yes, you’re not alone — this form of digital advertising is huge. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness and keep users hooked. And of course, Native Video Box is the disruptive platform that’s set to revolutionize the traditional process of serving video ads. Essentially, Native Video Box uses blockchain technology to deliver better outcomes everyone involved in their system. At this point, we’re talking about the content creators, bloggers, advertisers, publishers and everyday internet users.

But what exactly is the goal of NVB? Well, this cutting-edge native video platform is focused on giving content creators what they deserve. In essence, they’ll get to keep up to 75% of the revenue generated by ads. It’s also worth mentioning that Native Video Box uses AI to ensure videos and native ads resonate with viewers. So yes, advertisers on this platform can rest easy knowing that their ads are reaching people who are interested in what they have to offer. What more could you ask for?



So what do you think about blockchain’s presence in the digital advertising industry? With all that has been said, there’s no doubt that the technology can fix the longstanding issues and revolutionize the entire industry. At this point, you definitely won’t be wrong to make the big switch and start investing your marketing dollars in the above-mentioned platforms. Of course, it’s up to you to use your judgment and stick to the one that gives you the best ROI. Here’s to the future of digital advertising!


  • Raife Ford August 2018 - Reply

    AdEx looks to have a lot of promise. I’d totally be in support of any platform that addresses fraud and privacy concerns, and focuses on consumer content. Lots of criticism of the ad industry as of late.

  • Mustafa Mclaughlin August 2018 - Reply

    That advertising industry is going to be disrupted by Blockchain technology. No doubt about it. I can imagine schemes where people are paid in crypto to watch ads or trailers. Lots of potential here.

  • Barbara Ortega November 2018 - Reply

    Just like with every other industry that blockchain walks into, it will be disrupted. I agree. The advertising agencies all over the world are scrambling to see if they can stay ahead of the curve.

  • Steven Fannin November 2018 - Reply

    Surprisingly I have not heard of any of these before now. At first when I read the title, I thought for sure one would stand out, but do not. I am going to check out each one and see which ones offers the best user experience.

  • Diane Johnson November 2018 - Reply

    AdEx seems like one that is being talked about quite a bit. Do you have any more information regarding that platform?

  • Ana Wilson December 2018 - Reply

    Hmmm, getting payments much faster than normal? That is a hangup with some advertising networks. This is one industry I was not sure cryptocurrencies would really make any difference.

  • Sara Thomas December 2018 - Reply

    If AdEx can stop the fraud that comes with the industry, that will be a major bonus for advertisers and those that see and click on the ads.

  • Margot Nichols December 2018 - Reply

    It only makes sense that an advertiser is charged for valid click-throughs, but that has been the problem for some time. It will be interesting to see if cryptocurrencies and blockchain can clean things up a little bit.

  • Ernest Witherspoon January 2019 - Reply

    If there is another way to make sure the advertising world is being held accountable, I am all for it.

  • Andrew Davis January 2019 - Reply

    I read there are groups of advertisers that want to sue Google for invalid clicks. If that can be avoided for the advertiser, I think the technology behind it would be widely accepted.

  • Trinidad Lheureux January 2019 - Reply

    Thank you for posting this. I like to see new ways that blockchain is making things a little more efficient in new industries.

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