Which are the Top 5 Blockchain based Chat App Altcoins?

To say blockchain is a fast growing technology is an understatement — it’s actually the fastest growing innovation right now. For the most part, blockchain has disrupted quite a number of sectors chiefly payments and financial institutions. Of course, the biggest draw of this technology is its ability to offer efficiency and unmatched transparency; both of which are lacking in most of our traditional systems. What’s more, being able to transact with other users in a trustless and secure manner is huge.

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That said, one can only imagine how blockchain technology can revolutionize social media. Or better still, how it can transform our existing chat applications. Today, it’s no longer news that everyone has a presence on social messaging sites. And of course, we’ll definitely love to have platforms that ensure maximum safety and security without sacrificing functionality.

Interested in such social messaging sites? Just enter the best blockchain-based chat apps available right now. As you probably expected, these apps offer instant messaging and the best part is, users won’t have to worry about cases of data theft or manipulation. What’s more, these chat apps come with quite a number of cool features that adds to the experience.

Let’s check them out!


Looking for a secure yet functional app that offers free calls and messaging? If yes, look no further than Line — the perfect WhatsApp alternative that’s sure to get the job done. Coming with the mission to bring people, information, and services closer, LINE offers everything from free VoIP calls to instant messaging and more. For the most part, the app makes it possible for friends, family, close acquaintances and even business partners to communicate all day every day. And the best part is, the LINE app is often supported in countries where Whatsapp calls are restricted.

It’s also good to point out that LINE has over 200 million users and it’s entirely free to join. The app comes with quite a number of features/perks including text and media chat, disappearing photographic posts, chat rooms, video chat, social games, stickers and Image filters, and even animated masks. That said, you can tell LINE is a full package that truly offers something more. If you’re interested in this app, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s available on Andriod, iOS, and PC. Don’t hesitate to try it out today!


How about taking a shot at something private, fast and secure? Telegram is yet another blockchain-based chat app that you’re sure to love. For the most part, the app allows users to send text messages, images, videos and other files to family and friends. Telegram also makes it possible to create groups that can accommodate up to 100,000 members! Perhaps, the biggest highlight of Telegram is its excellent encryption — it ensures that one-to-one messages are highly secure and private. In other words, users can rest easy knowing that their messages are 100% safe from hackers. What’s more, users can create private messaging sessions with preset self-destruct timers. That’s not all — accounts are also set to self-destruct after six months of inactivity. Talk about security at its peak! The ability to access messages across multiple devices is also a big plus.

Users will also be glad to know that Telegram delivers messages in record time. And there’s no limit on the size of your media and chats. But do you know the best part? Telegram is entirely free — zero ads and subscription fees! What more could private individuals and businesses ask for?

Kakao Talk

Coming with a concept that’s pretty similar to Skype, Kakao Talk allows you to video call your friends and family for free! But of course, there’s still more — the app allows for voice calls and instant messaging. As with other apps like LINE and Viber, Kakao Talk only require user’s mobile number for registration. Once you’re done, you can start chatting with friends and family all day every day. It’s also good to know that you can make things fun with some of Kakao’s stickers, animated emoticons, and eye-catching themes.

It’s good to know that Kakao Talk is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phone. But that’s not all — there’s also a PC version that’s sure to come in handy when you need more flexibility and transparency. For instance, the PC version allows you to send files of up to 100mb and you can also set Lock Mode for more privacy protection. All in all, an excellent app that’s worth checking out.


Next up is Status — an blockchain-based app that operates as a messenger and decentralized browser. It’s however important to note that Status is not like your regular messenger; it offers something more. In addition to chatting, Status allows you to send Ethereum-based payments and smart contracts to friends. And as you probably expected, all chats on the platform are encrypted by default.

The platform also give users the opportunity to interact with decentralized applications running on the Ethereum network. So basically, it transforms your Android or iOS device into a light client node that has the capacity to access Ethereum’s ecosystem from anywhere. It’s also good to point out that users can list their DApp (decentralized application) on the platform. And some of the best available apps on Status include Ethlance, Gnosis, Aragon, Oasis Exchange to name a few. Status is available Alpha in both Andriod and iPhone.


Last but definitely not the least is Vibeo. It’s yet another blockchain-based social app that’s designed to take communication to the next level. Users can communicate one-on-one or even set up conference calls at their own pace. Speaking of communication, Vibeo supports both voice and video calls, and you can also enjoy instant messaging. It’s also good to point out that this Ethereum-powered chat app features push notification and location sharing. With the app, users can also share picture, audio as well as video files. And to sum it up, all interactions on the platform takes place safely and securely around the blockchain. All in all, we think it’s one of the best instant messaging app that’s totally worth downloading.

And that’s it! These are five of the best and brightest in the world of blockchain-based/encrypted chat apps. Now it’s up to you to make the big switch and download one or two of the apps that really holds your fancy. And of course, don’t forget to spread the word about these apps — tell your friends and colleagues! It’s about time to bask in the joy of secure communication.


  • Amelia June 2018 - Reply

    Telegram is the more known one and I have been using it for some time. It seems to be encrypted nicely and I never felt unsafe while using it. It’s also very easy and straightforward to use it.

  • Mario Hernandez June 2018 - Reply

    The fact that you can use blockchain technology for things like cryptocurrency and chat apps is confusing to me.

  • Margaret Jones June 2018 - Reply

    When it comes to features, crypto coins that have things like this are going to take the world by storm. The features have to be consumer friendly and just make sense. Using blockchain for chatting and privacy just makes sense.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    It is pretty amazing all the ways blockchains are being used now days. This is really the beginning of a brand new system entirely.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    Todays social media is going to change completely because of this. What a great topic I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    It doesn’t surprise me that blockchain has disrupted quite a number of sectors chiefly payments and financial institutions with how fast they are growing! Thanks for this great information.

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    I like that Line offers free calls and messaging. With my phone plan, calling and texting can get pretty expensive. I really like that feature.

  • Alfie-Lee Lopez August 2018 - Reply

    Lots of potential here for Blockchain integration with chat applications. I’ve used Telegram before and liked it. I just don’t foresee myself ditching the apps I usually use for one of these new ones.

  • Phoenix Britt August 2018 - Reply

    I’ve heard of Line before.I had a friend overseas that I used it to instant message/call with. It’s pretty similar to WhatsApp as you mentioned and growing in popularity.

  • Ishaan September 2018 - Reply

    I’ll have to try a few of these out and find out what one I like most. Thanks for sharing.

  • Taylor September 2018 - Reply

    These are all great! Line is my favorite!

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