Which are the Top 5 Blockchain based Crypto solutions for Healthcare?

The healthcare industry — a unique sector that’s totally different from organizations within the retail, financial or any other vertical that crosses your mind. Of course, this is precisely why the sector has been a target for cyber attacks. In essence, cybercriminals will stop at nothing to get their hands on patient’s healthcare data and maliciously attempt to take advantage of them. Speaking of which, ransomware infiltration in hospitals has been a major challenge in the last few years. Back in 2015, up to 112 million healthcare records were breached! Everyone knows just how bad this can be, especially at times when human life is at stake.

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So how can hospitals step up their game in this regard? How can patient EHRs be protected from these nefarious elements?

At this point, the surest solution to healthcare data security lies in the blockchain. In other words, the blockchain technology can tackle these challenges and take data security to the next level. With this technology, healthcare providers and patients will engage a new model for exchange of health information. In essence, medical documents will be inaccessible to cybercriminals and malicious actors — talk about data encryption at its best! Besides data security, blockchain can also protect against drug counterfeiting, facilitate payment for services and even help with drug prescriptions. The applications are endless!

Without further ado, let’s check out five of the best blockchain-based crypto solutions that are set to revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Taking the first spot is a blockchain platform that cares about your health and overall well-being. Clinicoin pays you to keep your health in tip-top shape and then link you up with organizations who help keep it that way. The concept of Clinicoin is to connect people, developers, and providers throughout the world. And, all is done with the aim of improving their health and wellness. For starters, the platform rewards users when they engage in healthy activities. And of course, they can still access Clinicoin to connect with a community of supporters, digital tools, and relevant health information.

Once you start earning tokens, you can use them to purchase digital tools, products, and services from the decentralized marketplace. And to sum it up, users can connect with other users, providers, and organizations via the platform’s built-in secure messaging function.

It’s also great to know that Clinicoin comes with the right tools to build health apps. This is where talented app developers get to show what they’ve got. If you’re one, you can create and validate your app on the platform. Then, of course, look forward to earning CLIN tokens when users engage them. Clinicoin’s support for third-party software apps is also a big plus.

Finally, providers can join Clinicoin to communicate with users, conduct surveys and of course, gather relevant data for research. On Clinicoin, providers offer CLIN tokens as incentives to meet their many health and research goals. All in all, a promising decentralized platform that’s sure to revolutionize the health and wellness community. And lest we forget, the platform’s token sale is live and amazingly, there’s a 10% bonus! Don’t hesitate to become a participant today!


Next up is this company that’s working towards revolutionizing healthcare solutions to deliver better medical outcomes. For the most part, Coinhealth is developing software that leverages the efficiency of blockchain to protect patient’s important health records. For the most part, the platform’s decentralized EHR System aims to contain records like lab reports, vital readings and more. Of course, with Coinhealth, these records will only be accessible to patients and authorized healthcare providers. The entire EHR system will be strongly encrypted; free of the third party and safe from identity thieves.

It’s also good to know that Coinhealth is looking to add other handy features to the mix. We’re talking about a P2P payment system, drug interaction checking, integration with pharmacies and more. There’s also a plan to connect with wearables and keep track of patient’s vital signs in real time. And finally, it’s worth mentioning that Coinhealth’s cryptocurrency can be stored in wallets designed for Ethereum. Overall, we think this platform is totally worth looking out for this year 2018 and beyond.


Healthureum is yet another new project that aims to transform the healthcare industry with blockchain and smart contract integration. For the most part, Healthureum’s ecosystem is designed to provide innovative health care services to patients. And at the same time, ensure users access to doctors, specialists, exceptional treatments and even philanthropic sponsorship programs. On this platform, users will have instant access to both real-time and historical medical data. And of course, they can still choose to share the data with their doctor or physician. It’s also good to point out that patients on Healthureum will enjoy instant access to online video consultation from qualified healthcare providers. This is a pretty good addition that’s sure to make life easy!

What’s more, the platform will feature a fast and secure payment system, which comes complete with its own token — HHEM. On Healthureum, HHEM tokens shall be the only acceptable means of payment. Essentially, these tokens will be used to compensate medical practitioners on the platform. And they’ll also be used to reward patients who choose to share their medical data for research purposes. All in all, an impressive platform that offers a multifunctional ecosystem that could revolutionize the healthcare industry.


Next in line is Medicalchain — a company that’s already using blockchain to secure electronic health records. On this platform, patients data will be stored on the blockchain and the good thing is, they’ll have complete control over who sees it and otherwise. Moving forward, medical professionals on Medicalchain can request to access patient accurate data and of course, provide better quality care. It’s also good to know that patients can choose to license their health records to pharmaceutical companies for research purposes. And of course, control how long the companies can access the data as well as the amount/type of information they’ll actually be able to access. It’s a platform that truly gives you power over your health!

Medicalchain also offers secure doctor to patient communication. In essence, users can directly connect with healthcare professionals, discuss their health challenges and work towards getting quality care. Medicalchain’s support for the building of third-party decentralized apps is also a huge plus.


CryptoTec is yet another platform that promises to transform the healthcare sector with blockchain technology. The concept is pretty straightforward — provides digital, encrypted storage for patients’ records and protect against unauthorized access. Essentially, CryptoTec provides medical professionals with the convenience of communicating with their patients or colleagues in real time. And do you know the best part? They won’t have to worry about unnecessary interceptions!

That’s not all — CryptoTec actually goes beyond ensuring data security and secure interception-proof communication. The platform’s blockchain technology also protects against drug counterfeiting and handles digital prescription of drugs. Don’t hesitate to check out their site if you really want to learn more about their solution.

Final Words

As you can see, blockchain innovation in healthcare is huge! And of course, these top 5 platforms are set to take things to a whole new level. With the blockchain technology, patients and healthcare providers will get to follow a decentralized approach to data management — one that’s void of human errors and third-party influence. Of course, the whole idea of storing and sharing data (EHRs) securely on the blockchain is a great step towards foiling the nefarious intentions of cybercriminals and malicious actors. All in all, the blockchain revolution in the healthcare industry is here to stay — we just have to keep our eyes peeled and watch how future operations unfold.


  • Cristiana June 2018 - Reply

    Clinicoin sounds like such a good idea. Would love to earn tokens and live a healthier life at the same time. I didn’t know about this platform until today but I will be checking it out and hopefully using it to connect with other people and medical staff.

    • Fredrick Velasquez December 2018 - Reply

      I agree. Get a little motivation to get and stay healthy is not a bad thing!

  • Keith Slaughter June 2018 - Reply

    Hmmm, healthcare too? It only makes sense that anytime you have data that needs to be secure that you go with this type of technology, but I wasn’t sure I understood this angle until now.

  • Nydia Rogers June 2018 - Reply

    With all of the patients records hitting the digital age, these types of companies are going to be trusted with keeping that data safe.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    These ideas are great and some even very simple. I think people are going to start embracing a lot of these different tools.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    It is nice to see companies that are taking a serious interest in keeping medical information safe from those who are trying to steal it.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    It doesn’t even surprise me that there are crypto options to healthcare! The industry keeps expanding with no limitations!

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    Its great to see all of these expansions to online currency. They are becoming a tool to every day life!

  • Evie Acevedo August 2018 - Reply

    Never really thought about Blockchain in the healthcare industry. I guess it can be utilized wherever data is concerned. I’d love to read more about Clinicoin.

  • Zainab Winter August 2018 - Reply

    The healthcare industry could really benefit from the security offered by Blockchain-based cryptocurrency. I read about data breaches at hospitals all the time. So much data could be better secured here.

  • Joeseff September 2018 - Reply

    Health care is now linked with crypto currencies! That is awesome and super convenient!

  • Ananya September 2018 - Reply

    This is great! I had no clue that health care and online currency were linked!

  • Mae Byrd November 2018 - Reply

    This is very good information. Also, this is another industry where the consumers information security should be top notch.

  • Tonya Cargill November 2018 - Reply

    This has a lot to do with big companies getting their hands into the cryptocurrency market. Thank you for the article, it does open my eyes a little regarding the technology that comes with the blockchain.

  • Cortney Hernandez November 2018 - Reply

    Coin Health is just the beginning. I have read more into that company and they are really planning some innovative things. It will be fun to watch how the healthcare world transforms based on this new technology.

  • Loretta Carpenter December 2018 - Reply

    Especially in the United States, having an incentive that is LIVE and pays people to stay healthy is a great thing! It might not motivate EVERY person that needs to buckle down on the health side of things, but it certainly will NOT hurt anything to toss a few coins their way for at least trying.

  • Bernard Kirby December 2018 - Reply

    From reward programs to keeping my information secure in the healthcare system, I think cryptocurrency and blockchain moving into the industry is a good thing.

    • Shantel Hamlett January 2019 - Reply

      Reward programs are always a nice touch if you want to get consumer on board that is for sure!

  • Jerry Gomez January 2019 - Reply

    Well, there is a lot of private information being moved around in the healthcare system. It would be nice if it was secure 100% and that we didn’t have to worry about changing hospitals or doctors and where our information would go.

  • Marie Paul January 2019 - Reply

    And this is the reason that going to college for computer science makes more sense that going to be a doctor 🙂

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