Which are the Top 5 Blockchain Based Crypto Solutions for Hotel & Vacation Rental?

In today’s world, there has been an ever-growing hype about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies — it’s all over the place. In fact, the popularity of this new paradigm has disrupted quite a number of industries including banking, ride sharing, cybersecurity, real estate, healthcare and more.

But have you given thought to how blockchain will change the hospitality industry? There’s no doubt that this promising technology will add to the guest experience and make the entire booking process a walk in the park. With the blockchain, guests can book a trip and of course, use their smart digital money to pay for the best hotel deals at their destination. In essence, the entire process will be super convenient both for the accommodation provider and customer alike.

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The best part? The smart contract between your virtual currency and tech-savvy hotels could come with all the necessary frameworks including transaction fees and cancellation policies. In other words, there will be absolutely no need for a central currency or even banks to process payments. What’s more, hoteliers and customers will get to interface directly and worry less about information disputes, double-spending or overbooking. Everything will be perfect!

But which blockchain-based crypto solution for hotels and vacation rentals is worth checking out? Among the many platforms available today, here are five blockchain projects we find to be worth your time and attention.


Topping the list is this platform that’s pretty similar to Airbnb. The platform brings together accommodation providers with the aim of making it easy for them to rent their places worldwide. As you probably guessed, Lockchain comes with quite a number of features that makes it stand out from the crowd. For starters, Lockchain cuts out the middlemen and allows property owners to list their rooms for 20% lower prices without affecting their profits. The primary goal is to cut-down travel expenses in the best possible way. So basically, owners charge reasonable rates, guests pay lower prices and amazingly Lockchain charges 0% commission!

On Lockchain, both hoteliers and property owners can list their rooms and short-term rentals on the decentralized LOC ledger and start getting bookings. It’s an easy and straightforward process for guests and property owners. It’s good to point out that Lockchain’s built-in exchange algorithm will have the capacity to convert external currencies to LOC tokens at the point of booking. And of course, the LOC will be transferred to the decentralized LOC ledger. The big idea is to make the process affordable, instant and secure for all. At the moment, up to 100,000 hotels are already live on the platform — there’s no doubt that this project is going to be huge!


Coming with the aim of kicking out OTAs out of the picture, TravelBlock looks to become the best option for your world travel and vacation needs. As a blockchain-based decentralized platform, TravelBlock eliminates traditional GDS and third party commission systems. And of course, allow customers to enjoy low cost and highly secure travel deals. As a travel enthusiast, you’ll be happy to hear that TravelBlock has partnered with top industry leaders to provide you with the best possible service. On this platform, you’ll get to book flights, hotels, cruises, cars and more! And the good news is, you won’t have to worry about price gouging and hidden fees!

With over 350,000 hotels and 9,300 members-only resorts, vacationers can be sure of having a swell time as soon as the platform goes live. It’s good to know that on TravelBlock, customers will be able to book vacations with either TRVL tokens or fiat currency. And of course, the payment process will be as seamless as can be. To sum it up, members can use their TRVL tokens to get an average of 30% to 60% discount on their vacation needs — talk about huge savings! What more could you ask for?


Next in line is CryptoCribs — the Airbnb for cryptocurrency users. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this platform is its successful launch without an ICO. The primary goal of this platform is to give vacationers the opportunity to travel the world and pay in cryptocurrency. Of course, CryptoCribs offers a decentralized service to users and the process is entirely free of middlemen. What’s more, travelers will get to enjoy better rates than Airbnb and of course, smart contracts ensures that all transactions are safe and secure.

Want to get started with CryptoCribs? If yes, you only have to register (either as an owner or someone looking for accommodation) and start negotiating with like-minded people. All in all, we recommend you check them out if you’re interested in making cheap travels around the world.


Zangll is yet another blockchain-based platform that’s built to revolutionize today’s vacation rental industry. As a company, Zangll looks to compete with high priced intermediaries such Airbnb and VRBO. And of course, offer customers some amazing benefits including cost savings, honesty, and transparency. Essentially, the platform connects lessors and lessees via a decentralized marketplace, and use smart contracts to process transactions.

Perhaps, one of the biggest draws of Zangll is its low transaction fee — it charges just 0.45%! What’s more, transactions are super fast (you’ll be done in seconds) compared to 3 banking days on traditional platforms. It’s also good to know that all processes on Zangll are automated and there’s also a plan to implement a dispute resolution system. Overall, this company is a full package for anyone looking to avail hassle-free short-term rentals — totally worth checking out!


Finally, Atlant is a blockchain-based vacation rental site that brings together hosts and tenants to strike safe and secure deals. One of the most prominent highlights of Atlant is their use of arbiters to resolve transaction disputes. Of course, with such onsite authority, all participants (owners and tenants) can look forward to the quality of service and honesty. As with other similar options on the list, Atlant’s goal is to provide vacationers with affordable rental options in just about any country that holds their fancy.

 According to the company, customers will get to enjoy 20% to 30% cost savings per stay without compromising quality service. There’s no doubt that this platform is way better than other traditional booking sites on the web. And of course, we recommend you check them out if you want to enjoy cost savings and quality service for your upcoming vacation!

Final Words

So there you have it! With all that has been said, we can see that blockchain technology can disrupt the $500 billion hospitality industry. Although GDS and OTAs are still dominating the industry, we believe that these crypto projects will revolutionize the process and take the booking experience to the next level. Of course, these five blockchain-based crypto solutions for hotels and vacation rentals are a great place to kick-start your journey. Efficiency, transparency, honesty and significant cost savings — what more could you ask for?


  • Hannah June 2018 - Reply

    Thanks for talking about this, especially about Lockchain which I’ve taken a look at and will use very shortly. If there’s no middleman then I’m happy :).

  • Angelica Higgs June 2018 - Reply

    So basically, it comes down to just accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option? We all know the business that accepts more options for payment are the ones that will make the most money.

  • Terry Finn June 2018 - Reply

    There is not one single industry that is going to get by without some kind of impact by cryptocurrency. I have seen it touch so many and on your site alone, you have a ton of articles that show exactly that.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    It is incredible to think how much simpler and cheaper taking a trip could be AND with little to no interactions during my travel arrangements, sounds perfect.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    I think many people will start doing this just for the lower pricing options. It wont take long before come of these become bigger than Airbnb.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    You can really do just about anything with cryptocurrencies nowadays! Its crazy that you can plan a vacation with them now, too!

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    I feel like this is a criminals best friend. Now they can travel around the world without a trace😂

  • Milo Grimes August 2018 - Reply

    I didn’t know Blockchain had made it into the hotel/vacation rental space. The hospitality industry is massive and the technology has so many ways to impact guest experience and the booking process. Interesting article!

  • Hugo Ochoa August 2018 - Reply

    The hospitality and vacation industries can really benefit from Blockchain tech. It’d be great to pay for trips or hotels with cryptocurrency, and I’m sure Blockchain can improve security in some ways as well.

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