Which are the Top 5 Blockchain based Dating Altcoins?

Online dating — there’s no doubt that everyone is into it and of course, the list of today’s dating apps never fail to deliver. So yes, love is basically at your fingertips and meaningful relationships are just a few chats away.

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Of course, this is the point where blockchain technology come into play. Essentially, the aim of this technology is to make your search for love more effective, safe and secure. It actually solves most if not all of the issues found in existing dating platforms. And today, there are quite a few blockchain-based dating apps that are already working towards delivering better outcomes for users.

The good news?

In this article, we’re going to explore five of the best platforms that are set to revolutionize online dating scene. Talk of functionality, trust, and data security at their peak!

Let’s check them out!


Hicky is one of the few companies looking to tackle the many challenges in the dating service industry. Of course, it uses the blockchain technology to ensure decentralized data flow and end-to-end encryption. For the most part, Hicky verifies its users and proceed to store data on the highly secure blockchain. On Hicky, users are required to go through a two-step facial verification to ensure authenticity. And they’ll also need to record a vocal sample; a step that’s aimed at weeding out scammers and the likes.

What’s more, Hicky does more than protecting user data — it also protects conversations. Essentially, the platform employs peer-to-peer encryption for its messaging; everything is between you and whoever you’re chatting with. And lest we forget, Hicky has its own token; it’s typically used to chat and arrange dates on the platform. Just so you know, Hicky incentivizes good behavior via user tokens. In essence, those who act nicely on the platform are more likely to have a swell time as opposed to people who act poorly. All in all, a great online dating app that’s totally worth it downloading. Be sure to get yours today!


Yes, today there’s an exhaustive list of dating apps out there, say Tinder and the likes. But of course, most of these platforms are far from perfect — talk of issues with hacks, leaks and more. Ponder is yet another blockchain-based dating app that looks to take referrals to the next level. In essence, users can sign up, create profiles and of course, link people up. And should things go as planned, the matchmaker gets rewarded with cash. Essentially, Ponder drives interested users to make referrals for romance, jobs, and business. It’s pretty fun way to link people up and get paid!

That said, this platform goes beyond matchmaking for romantic relationships. For the most part, a matchmaker can match up potential business partners. And of course, gets rewarded if they happen to fancy the idea of working together. As for data security, you’ll be happy to hear that Ponder uses the blockchain technology to secure and transfer data in a decentralized way. In essence, all your sensitive data, referrals and more are not some central server — just perfect! And finally, Ponder is the middle of a token sale for Ponder Gold. Don’t hesitate to participate when the time is right.


Tired of the lack of trust and transparency in the online dating world? If yes, blockchain is the solution and Viola is the platform to look up to. Right off the bat, Viola comes with the aim of helping us succeed in just about every aspect of our love lives. It combines the power of AI with blockchain technology to solve most of the problems in the digital dating sphere. Problems? Well, we’re referring to fake profiles, unsuccessful matches, catfishing, scamming and the likes.

For the most part, Viola is for anyone looking to improve their love life and enjoy better outcomes. With Viola, users will get to connect with only verified profiles; no fakes allowed here. The platform makes use of visual recognition technology to ensure all users are real and legitimate.

On the REL-Registry, users can look forward to having sustainable relationships that can eventually grow into happy marriages. Of course, you can get married to the love of your life on the blockchain and work towards having a beautiful family. And if need be, you can reach out to Viola’s AI Love Advisor for helpful and seasoned relationship advice. At the moment, Viola has over 1.4 million registered users and have arranged over 100,000 dates! All in all, you won’t be wrong to join right now.


MeetLuna is yet another decentralized dating platform that’s looking to deliver better outcomes for those searching for the perfect match. Essentially, Luna engages machine learning to let you in on the best matches that are likely to improve your love life. It’s good to know that upon registration, you can set how many connections you’d like in a day. And you can also use the platform’s stars to limit the number of first messages that hit your inbox daily. What’s more, on Luna, users can transfer their Stars to their wallet or charity of their choice. So yes, Luna is basically a platform for finding and sharing love.

And to sum it up, users on this platform are encouraged to verify their meetings and provide compatibility feedback. Of course, this data is used to facilitate better outcomes and ensure quality connections. Overall, a pretty good blockchain-based dating platform that’s worth checking out.


And we’re going to round it up with Loly — an AI-driven blockchain-based platform that’s set to disrupt the industry. As with other platforms on our list, Loly will help find your perfect match based on compatibility. Of course, this is a great way to make relationships fun and enjoyable. As you probably expected, Loly will ensure every user enjoys a high level of security thanks to its state-of-the-art privacy features. What’s more, the platform will use smart contracts to make sexual encounters safe and secure.

It’s also good to point out that Loly will have its own token. And of course, the same will facilitate in-app purchases and other transactions. Finally, the platform will be available on iOS and Android devices. That’s not all — users will also be able to access Loly via desktop or laptop. It’s a full package that’s sure to catch on! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for its launch.


Overall, blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the relationship market — these five platforms are enough proof. With this promising technology, users will be able to search for their perfect match in the safest and most effective way. Little to no worries about fake profiles, scamming and the likes. Of course, the whole idea of decentralization is huge — no need to worry about hackers, data leaks or third-party interference. The blockchain is truly the wave of the future!


  • Ryley Cairns August 2018 - Reply

    I’ve always worried about online privacy with dating apps. You put so much personal information out there! Blockchain tech will help to ensure data protection via end-to-end encryption.

  • Bibi Boyer August 2018 - Reply

    How many people are on these Blockchain-based dating apps? I’d be worried about finding someone to date! With all the data you give these apps, privacy concerns are valid. Hopefully this mitigates those risks.

  • Aarron Crossley August 2018 - Reply

    I’m a young adult and use dating apps myself. All my friends do as well. It’s a massive market with huge potential for Blockchain-based dating altcoins. There are so many new apps… it’s hard to keep up with!

  • Rosemary September 2018 - Reply

    I love where online currency is going. I’m so happy to be able to witness all of this!

  • Johnny September 2018 - Reply

    It is a great thing that being online is becoming more safe and secure. Yet again, I tip my cap to online currencies!

  • Sherie Odum November 2018 - Reply

    OMG. I never even thought of the dating world. What a great place to practice the new technology when personal information and communications are taking place on a daily basis.

  • Hattie Longacre November 2018 - Reply

    HICKY!?! C’mon. How the hell was that domain not already taken and built up to be something else?

  • Miguel Wager November 2018 - Reply

    Online currencies and the tech they are built around are changing the landscape of many different industries.

  • Barbara Pitts December 2018 - Reply

    LOL Hickey? That is classic and a GREAT way to brand something in a new industry!

  • Albert Nero December 2018 - Reply

    The rewards are so small I am curious if the consumer, or user of the service is really going to be getting anything worth their time put into the app?

  • Kevin Hinton December 2018 - Reply

    There are a lot of people out there that think they can match you up with the perfect person, so Ponder was built just for them.

    • Cornelius Fountain January 2019 - Reply

      I agree with this 100%.

  • Pearlie Lucia January 2019 - Reply

    Hicky! LOL, I love that. what a great name for a dating site. Just when you think all of the good names are taken 🙂

  • Michael Burke January 2019 - Reply

    This is a great list and one that shows you how ALL of the industries around are able to use blockchain to their advantage.

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