Which are the Top 5 Blockchain based Online Gambling platforms?

The online gambling industry — expected to surpass $50 billion in 2018 and reach $81.71 billion in 2022. Yes, this industry is huge but of course, it’s not without flaws. Today up to 1.4 million fake websites are created every month. And as you probably guessed, unsuspecting players are the primary target of these nefarious elements. For such a big industry, it’s pretty sad that there’s a lack of transparency in knowing sites that are truly honest and trustworthy.

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Today, most online casinos expect you to trust them to be fair. But of course, at the end of the day, you’ll find that some of these sites deliberately hide their data including gaming results, winnings, payouts and more. So basically, the house always wins here — that’s just how it is.

But there’s good news! Blockchain technology can revolutionize the online gambling industry and of course, bring back the trust and transparency punters deserve. Essentially, blockchain-based online gambling platforms are completely decentralized and free of third-party influence. In essence, punters will be fully aware of what’s going on — funds go directly into the smart contract with zero worries of middlemen interference. And even better, players won’t have to worry about a site denying them their winnings — just perfect!

Ready to check out some of the best blockchain casinos right now? If yes, be sure to keep up as we explore our top five picks.

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Topping the list is Cashbet — a platform built and designed for i-Gaming operators. Essentially, Cashbet’s goal is to give developers the opportunity to create and manage their own blockchain-based i-Gaming business. Focused on real money, social and skill-based gaming, Cashbet has all it takes to ensure players have a swell time. On this platform, you can create your own site and of course, spice it up with some of the best games available. Speaking of which, you can access the platform’s library and select from hundreds of Flash, HTML5, and iOS games. Of course, we’re talking about popular casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo and more.

Moving forward, Cashbet’s platform will also provide punters with trust and transparency; pretty much what you’re unlikely to find in some traditional online casinos. So basically, running a casino on this platform will allow players know just about everything that’s happening without compromise. In essence, they’ll get to have visibility to both their information and on-site transactions. With flexible currency options, minimal transaction fees and instant payout, there’s no doubt that gameplay will be significantly improved. Highly recommended!



SP8DE is yet another decentralized platform designed for gaming DApps. Essentially, the platform is built for casino game builders; so yes, its concept is pretty similar to Cashbet. For the most part, this platform comes with the goal of making online gambling less of a gamble. In other words, Sp8de is looking to create an environment you don’t need to trust. It’ll basically be a fair place for blockchain gambling games to function and even better, fees will be great. As a developer, you can get involved with SP8DE and start building an online gambling hangout punters are sure to love. Of course, with this platform, players won’t have to worry about problems like obscurity, archaic processing or externally generated randomness. What’s more, Sp8de allows for the execution of thousands of transactions at a time. And lest we forget, SP8DE runs on Cardano’s blockchain. So basically, the operation will be trustless and casino games will be less susceptible to hacks. All in all, a promising platform that’s totally worth looking out for.



Get in here online gamblers — here’s a platform that’s specially made for you! LetBet is pretty similar to traditional online casinos but of course, there’s a difference; it runs on the blockchain. So yes, on this platform, players can look forward to enjoying seamless gaming at their own pace. Speaking of games, you’ll be happy to hear that each of them are written in the smart contract. In other words, no one will be in control of game — trustless, borderless and secure. As a player on LetBet, you just need to browse the game of your choice, select it and activate your wallet. Of course, from here, you can deposit, play and if you win; just withdraw your funds anonymously! Seamless and perfect!

It’s also good to know that LetBet caters to developers. In essence, if you’re one, you can join and start running your app on the platform. And to sum it up, LetBet offers more than online gambling; it can also be used to host other products. Of course, this is one of the many joys of blockchain technology. Don’t hesitate to join today!



Got a licensed online gambling company? Want to integrate blockchain into your operations? If yes, we think you should enter TruePlay! So yes, TruePlay is neither a gambling provider nor casino operator. It’s just aimed at providing software solutions for the online gambling industry. For the most part, TruePlay looks to solve challenges like low transaction speeds, manipulation of game results and delayed cashouts. In a nutshell, its goal is to bring transparency and honesty to the online gambling sphere.

With TruePlay in the mix, gamblers can join casinos and look forward to having a smooth and fair gaming experience. And as for operators, they’ll get to run their business with ease, honesty, and peace of mind. Overall, a groundbreaking platform that’s sure to revolutionize the online gambling community. Just so you know, private token sales are on, even as we speak. Be sure to join if this project sounds promising to you.



Finally, TrueGame is a blockchain-based online gambling hangout that offers exactly what gamblers want. In essence, the platform provides its users with transparency and fair chances — it looks to bring back the lost player confidence. As you probably expected, TrueGame uses smart contracts to ensure random number generation. And of course, the results of each game will be open for all to see; no worries about scams and falsification.

Moving forward, TrueGame is fully functional with promising games like scratch cards, popular lotteries and prize draw. And they already have hundreds of users placing bets with the aim of heating up their bankroll. Of course, TrueGame is as transparent as can be — players can always look forward to withdrawing their winnings with ease. To sum it up, the platform is looking to launch other games including slots, smart roulette, dice and more. Trust us, you won’t be wrong to join this i-Gaming platform and keep your eyes peeled for what comes next!



After disrupting a wide range of industries over the years, we can clearly see that blockchain technology is once again, excellent for the online gambling industry. For the most part, this mind-blowing technology gets rid of centralization and the house edge. So basically, gamblers can now play their favorite games and rest easy knowing that everything will be smooth and fair. Perhaps another significant highlight of the blockchain is that games can work smoothly regardless of the number of users and transactions. The bottom line; blockchain technology can disrupt the online gambling industry in more ways than one. It’s many advantages make it a sure bet for future growth.


  • Jayden Zavala August 2018 - Reply

    I’m not much for online gambling personally, but I’d love to invest in this industry. The online gambling industry is huge and I think Blockchain could really bring both transparency and trust back to it.

  • Cynthia Bob August 2018 - Reply

    I would totally invest in this. I’m an avid gambler (bad habit, I know!) and see lots of opportunities for investment here that people shouldn’t pass up. The industry is huge! I’ll be checking out these platforms.

  • Werner Gessner October 2018 - Reply

    Wow, this post is good, my sister is analyzing such things, thus I am going to inform her.

  • Marion Lopez November 2018 - Reply

    I know a few friends that are going to LOVE this!

  • Erika Collins November 2018 - Reply

    Regardless of what kind of list we put together, CASHBET has the best name by far 🙂

  • Eric Harris November 2018 - Reply

    Take a minute and try to understand how blockchain technology will have an impact on the things that we do in life, even gamble. Would this change the landscape in places like Vegas?

    • Mollie Joyner December 2018 - Reply

      I agree. This can change things up very quickly and it might be a good thing, but there is only one way to tell.

  • Kasey Morton December 2018 - Reply

    So many different things that blockchain can help with. The list keeps getting longer over the months.

  • Terry Fleischer December 2018 - Reply

    Gambling is already something that does not HELP more people than it hurts. I am not sure this will make any difference in that.

  • Diana Box January 2019 - Reply

    There are many ways to lose your money online, now it looks like you can do it quickly and securely 🙂

  • Edna Bober January 2019 - Reply

    Now that more parts of the world are getting familiar with online gambling, there will be more options for people and that means that $50 billion number is only going to rise.

  • Laurette Franks January 2019 - Reply

    That industry is HUGE and as more states legalize it, you are going to see that number climb.

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