Which are the Top 5 crypto payment cards on Visa or Mastercard Platforms?

Let’s start with a question; What do you find to be the biggest drawback to cryptocurrency? Besides the issue of hackers and cybercriminals, investors face the challenge of mass adoption. In essence, it’s nearly impossible to spend Bitcoin or altcoins in the real world. For instance, you can’t head to the grocery store to buy canned foods (or any other item) with Ethereum or even use Ripple at the gas station. People at such places only accept fiat currencies such dollars, pound sterlings, euro and the likes.

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So what’s the point?

It’s pretty simple — the use of Bitcoin (or Altcoins) to purchase goods and services is not a seamless task yet. In other words, it’s crucial to sell it on an exchange platform and get paid in the fiat currency it generates. And from there, you can use the money to buy whatever you want. The bottom line; you have to go through the unwieldy process of converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

But is there a way to spend your digital currency freely? Is it possible to head to the grocery store and purchase goods without going through the cumbersome steps to convert BTC into fiat currency?

Well, sure there is — Just enter crypto debit cards! These are Visa or MasterCard debit cards that come with the capacity to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. In essence, crypto debit cards facilitate the conversion and make it easier to pay for whatever you want; either at the store, restaurant or gas station.

With that in mind, the big question now is, which crypto payment card is worth checking out? Need a little help? Just read on as we explore 5 of the best crypto debit cards right now.


Monaco crypto payment card comes with the aim of making day-to-day spending with cryptocurrency easy. In essence, customers can use their Monaco card just as they would use other cards. For instance, with this Visa-branded debit card, you can freely walk into the grocery store, get what you want and pay with cryptocurrency — it’s that simple!

Essentially, Monaco takes care of both exchange and conversion of cryptocurrency; it also allows you to send and track your digital currency in real time. Real-time? Well, this crypto payment solution integrates a dedicated mobile app and a Visa Monaco card to facilitate your transactions. To get started, you only have to sign up (verify your identity) and deposit the accepted cryptocurrencies into your account. Once you’re done, you can start spending your cryptocurrency at your own pace.

It’s good to point out that Monaco doesn’t charge its customers any processing fees for transactions and it even gets better — there’s a 2% cashback program for all cardholders. Monaco uses MCO tokens to reward loyal customers and of course, the actual value of the cashback rewards varies with the token’s value. All in all, the Monaco card is totally worth taking a look. We’ll recommend you check out their site and of course, pre-register your card to start living the easy crypto life!


Next up is the Wirex solution — a tested and trusted platform that functions as a multi-currency wallet and super convenient crypto debit card. Wirex gives users the chance to store several different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash in highly secure blockchain wallets. And of course, you can use the cryptocurrencies to shop online, pay for in-store purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. With Wirex, customers can choose to get a virtual Visa card or plastic MasterCard. You’ll also be glad to know that both cards can default in either of the three popular fiat currencies including USD, EUR or GBP. 

That’s not all — Wirex supports more than 50 altcoins and of course, you can trade them when the opportunity comes your way. What’s more, Wirex offers a dedicated app (available for iOS and Android) which you can use to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency and perform other transactions. Finally, the Wirex debit card comes with a reasonable flat rate fee for both domestic and international ATM withdrawals; be sure to visit their site to learn more. Overall, an easy to use crypto payment solution that’s sure to deliver a great user experience to all crypto investors.


Still looking for a crypto payment platform that allows you spend virtual currency anywhere anytime? Just enter Tenx! This platform come with the goal of providing users with a line of products that makes it easier for them to use cryptocurrency in the real world. Essentially, it consists of a wallet, bank account, physical debit card, ATM access just to name a few. Right off the bat, Tenx supports Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum as well as Ethereum ERC20 tokens and of course, they can be exchanged for cash anywhere and anytime. With the Tenx card, you can spend your digital currency at just about any merchant around the world and the good thing is, there’s no conversion fee.

 As you probably expected, Tenx offers a smartphone app which you can use to control your transactions and ensure everything goes as you want it to. The app also delivers real-time notifications whenever the card is used to swipe or withdraw at ATMs throughout the world. It’s also good to point out that Tenx relies on the Comit Network to deliver the best possible service to its customers. And of course, you won’t be wrong to become one today!


The concept is simple — Tap, Swipe and Spend. Known as the first token-to-card vendor, TokenCard gives users the chance use their cryptocurrency just as they would fiat ones. Although not as popular as Cryptopay and Tenx, TokenCard serves its purpose — make it easy to spend crypto whenever and wherever you want. It’s good to know that this crypto payment card is accepted at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide. And of course, it comes with a mobile app that puts you in control of your everyday transactions. What’s more, the TokenCard app makes it easy for customers to switch between supported digital assets as well as fiat currencies like pounds, dollars, and euros. Customers can also explore the app’s functionality and use it to track their spending in real time. The platform’s in-app chat is also a big plus! All in all, we think TokenCard is totally worth your time and attention — don’t hesitate to check it out when you can.


Last but definitely not the least Cryptopay — its name says it all! Coming with the capacity to manage up to 100,000 transactions every month, Cryptopay is the ultimate solution to spending BTC all day everyday. In essence, this platform makes it incredibly easy to convert Bitcoin to fiat currencies in no time. And from there, you can use the card to swipe at the grocery store, coffee shop or gas station.

As with other crypto payment cards on the list, Cryptopay is powered by Visa and plastic cards are available with GBP, USD or EUR base currency. It’s also good to know that Cryptopay provides its customers with a very transparent breakdown of cost and terms. That said, you can be sure of performing transactions without hidden fees and the likes. We also love that the company has a dedicated support team that’s always ready to help out with any trouble. Highly recommended for all Bitcoin investors!


So what do you think about our top picks? Do you find them to be good enough to make your crypto life smooth and easy? Well, we’re pretty sure you do! These are five of the best crypto payment cards that allow quick access to funds with little to no conversion fees — what could be better? As cryptocurrency continues to grow and expand, there’s no doubt that these cards will make day-to-day spending/transactions a walk in the park. Don’t hesitate to check them out today!


  • Natalie June 2018 - Reply

    I think Monaco is probably the best option right now. It’s the safest option, works quickly, there are no processing feeds and there’s also that 2% cashback program for all cardholders that makes it even more interesting.

  • Jeanette Hammer June 2018 - Reply

    You know what, coins like LiteCoin are trying to take this route and get a card and some sort of payment solution for businesses, to the market, but are failing. Cryptocurrencies need to take a step back and do the right thing first, rather than try to force a product on consumers. That is where the hackers will win.

  • Mary Sipes June 2018 - Reply

    I will invest and put my savings into a coin that allows me to use a regular styled debit/credit card to pay for things. It will automatically convert the currency and I will not have to worry about anything behind the scenes.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    I love the idea of rewards for spending my money. I haven’t explored these options much but I think Monaco is what I will try first.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    There are more options here than I expected were even developing yet. This is a very interesting idea I think I will have to give it a try.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    This has never been easier! This is such a good idea that just makes things so simple. Thanks for this information.

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    TokenCard seems really easy to use especially with the mobile app that you can use in conjunction with the card. I’ll have to give this one a look.

  • Paddy Holmes August 2018 - Reply

    This is by far one of the biggest drawbacks to cryptocurrency! It’s so hard to spend in the real world. More businesses should find ways to process transactions with cryptocurrencies.

  • Camron Hancock August 2018 - Reply

    This is my biggest gripe about crypto. It’s hard to spend in the real world! I wish I could just use it at the grocery store or gas station as I can with fiat money. These crypto payment cards are good starting points. I should look into them more.

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