What advantages will Microsoft’s Coco framework and Ethereum Plasma have over the existing Ethereum Virtual Machine?

Confidentiality is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to trading digital currency, especially Ethereum or Ethereum based ones which are more of smart contracts allowing you to purchase directly without the introduction of a tangible currency in the trade.ethereum coco enterprise blockchain The introduction of blockchain technology did not, however, seal the protective layer one can have around his/her crypto currency based transactions, which is why it is constantly being developed. Microsoft’s Coco Framework and Ethereum plasma are two such advancements in the technology of trading Ethereum, and experts have concluded that these two have a strong edge over the present Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This article will collectively identify the advantages these two technologies boast.
  1. Greater Database Speeds
The EVM roughly processes 15 transactions per second safely, and these transactions are always carried out after a long time after the order is given for execution because the technology does not have the capacity to handle greater speeds. This is exactly why Coco and Plasma will sufficiently help Ethereum more; the speed of transactions and their ability to provide on-spot facilities is a great edge they have over EVM. In addition, the technologies are enhanced to not compromise on the transparency of transactions between the sender and receiver, which is also a problem which users of EVM face today.
  1. Increased Confidentiality
A saturated network is very easy to tap into because, very simply put, many transactions are on a wait list which can be accessed by informal third party actors. Coco and Plasma work with the mindset that removal of the wait list will result in transactions not piling up, which will eventually make it difficult for these actors to infiltrate into confidential user data. In addition, with the EVM it was very easy to access transactional data which belonged to others, and this again turned out to be a breach of privacy in the case of sensitive information. This problem has also been countered to a great extent in these new blockchain providing services.
  1. Trusted Regulation
A trusted brand will bring people to blindly have faith in the regulatory policies that it deems to impose, and Microsoft is no stranger to having an insurmountable number of trusted users. The very fact that Coco has the word ‘Microsoft’ prefixed to it will automatically make reluctant audiences give these currencies a thought. In addition, the open declaration of support given by Microsoft for Ethereum is an added benefit. This technology is also regulated to the core; each transaction is recorded in a secure database, infiltration channels have been minimized, and cyber security has been enhanced to a great extent to maintain the confidence of users. The question of regulatory authorities to govern the flow of crypto currencies has always haunted the minds of those in doubt, but these blockchain networks are sure to make you think well of Ethereum as soon as they are introduced on a larger scale.


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