What are Distributed Apps (DAPPs)?

Centralized leadership was always questioned by the very fundamentals of democracy, which believes that the people themselves should decide how they want the future to be shaped for them, and how they wish to contribute to it. The development of distributed applications (DAPPs) is a micro representation of this idea of having an unregulated yet well-managed system to govern technology-based operations out there. Dapp Distributed App

Introduction to Distributed Apps
Let us take the example of a trading bloc that deals with textiles overseas. A bloc consists of the buying and selling parties, and each party has different departments it operates with the help of, which include logistics, clearances, quality control checks etc. Suppose one of these departments has important information which needs to be sent out in equal amounts to every department on both sides; will it not be hectic to get in individual contacts and then wait for a discussion platform to be set? This is where a distributed application comes in. A network spread over all heads involved in an organization is likely to function better, be more efficient, and have the transparency needed for confidence building.  This does not mean, however, that all information will be processed by departments which might be unrelated to an aspect or another, which maintains a certain standard of confidentiality. Cloud computing is a classic example of distributed applications used heavily today.

Distributed App Network for Crypto Currencies
Without the presence of one entity to regulate everything in this rapidly flourishing market, you can imagine the heights people can reach with timely investment, devotion, and luck by their side. In addition, you can gain access to multiple new markets you were hesitant to trade with before because all will be part of the same network, and you will not have to report your progress or transactions to one authority alone. SlackCoin is one such example. This very fact brings a lot of benefits:
  • You will be content will how your digital currency, balance, and access codes all belong to you and cannot simply be broken down by some third party.
  • The singularity of the network will give a boost to your outreach, and you can make smart contract based trades more and more as the technology uncovers in the near future.
  • You will not be liable to file any taxes or hidden charges to the state regardless of how much you are able to make out of your digital currencies.
  • In countries where digital currencies are not illegal, you can establish a lobby of your own on a distributed network which can go on to act as your pool of miners, making your return prospects much greater than what they are right now.
Existing Distributed Applications In addition to the unique networks which can be formed from these applications, there are several apps which are gaining a lot of popularity in the market. Using these apps, you can use your Ether, Bitcoins, and other currencies for favors and trades you had to purchase using the real money before. In addition, there is absolutely no need to go through a money converting procedure because these apps are designed to accept particular currencies only. Such distributed applications are based on the following (and similar) industries out there:
  • Crowdfunds and Charities
The purpose of digital currencies is not simply to invest in money for ease; the technology can go a long way in helping crowdfunding organizations as well as donation pools. As part of a network, these pools can be monitored for the sake of ensuring that the digital currency is being used for the designated person. Alice.Si is an example of one such charity-based application.
  • The Freelancing Community
As the community grows, so do means of payment, and this can be explained by the existence of applications like EthLance which allow people to freelance and outsource and earn cryptocurrency in return. Not a bad offering, considering how these currencies are bound to become very promising in the near future.
  • Virtual Governance
This is exemplified by distributed apps like BitNation which is a virtual world with its own governance system that advocates the message of connectivity with peers and providing for a more welcoming society. Maybe digital currencies can actually achieve what the rush for traditional money never could.


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