What are some great sources for Bitcoin and Blockchain news?

After the recent surge in values of Cryptocurrencies in recent times, and Bitcoin, in particular, it comes as no surprise that current and new investors and traders are all searching for the best sources to stay updated with the latest. Here is our list of 4 channels/options of the news across the globe on Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins. Blockchain Cryptocurrency News


The reason this renowned cryptocurrency website takes the top spot is because it is solely devoted to delivering news regarding currencies like Bitcoins to its readers, and has been one of the most reputable publishers of quarterly reports which identify the most noticeable trends, transactions, support establishment/withdrawal, and other important news in the world of Bitcoins. If you are new to cryptocurrencies and want a walkthrough to your initial days as an investor, CoinDesk is the place for you. The website and application of CoinDesk offer the following features:
  • An instant look into the latest developments regarding Bitcoins
  • A constantly updated price display section which shows for how many dollars/pounds/euros is the currency being sold for presently
  • Expert review and analysis in the form of reading material as well as digital recordings
CoinDesk is great for Bitcoin-related news and is constantly trying to improve its resources and analysis so that it delivers the best news to visitors.


Surprised to see a social media website up here? Don’t be, because cryptocurrencies have broken all these barriers involving specialization, and Twitter has long been accepted as the best application for official updates from famous personalities themselves. Let us explore how this links to Bitcoin News. Taking the example of Floyd Mayweather declaring his support for cryptocurrencies after his first investment in STOX.com turned out to be a success, we can see how the first platform where the declaration for support of these currencies and opening of his very own ICO was Twitter. This means that Twitter is an excellent source of getting to know which famous figures and organizations in a country might start getting involved in the race of making Bitcoins a unifying platform for the world. In addition to this, there are many analysis based accounts devoted to imparting news regarding Bitcoins to the followers. In order to know how well Bitcoin is doing or how hot it is on the market presently, simply search under the headings of #bitcoin/#cryptocurrency, and witness the many advancements that will unfold right in front of your eyes. It is true that Twitter may not be the best place to keep in track with the price and trends of Bitcoins, but there are already multiple alternatives present for this purpose, which makes Twitter a much more approachable and relatable platform for common individuals.


This is a great all-purpose website for obtaining news about every common cryptocurrency you can think of, the top of the table being Bitcoins. The website features an individual news section for each currency which has information and articles contributed to by the best and most reliable sources in the world, and also by analysts from the website itself. If we take the outreach of news one step further, the website also offers a chat room for digital currency lovers who feel like discussing innovative new ideas and possibilities of investment. The chat room can also be used to talk to the customer support of the website, which will help you navigate through the simplistic interface of the website. Moving one step further, we can find a price check and calculator devoted to each individual currency, which is updated regularly for changes in both fiat and virtual currencies. What this means is that cryptocoinnews.com is your one-stop solution to anything you want to know about Bitcoins.


Just as the name suggests, this platform is purely related to news based articles of all lengths, depending on the degree of depth you want to go inside a particular topic of interest. Articles from Cointelegraph are often linked on Reddit.com and Twitter for readers who are interested in reading about Bitcoins in great detail. The only problem with Cointelegraph is that it might not be the best source of getting information about digital currencies because the posts are often very deep and only people with considerable information on the topic can fully interpret it and utilize it. What makes these articles great is that they can be summarized and be used for citing a lot of important figures, because the writers are extremely professional in their approach towards the topic. Cointelegraph also has a section of brief articles where relatively shorter ones with lesser topics covered are uploaded, and they can be very beneficial for novice traders. All in all, it is one of the premier sources of Bitcoin news in the world presently.


YouTube might be a complex addition to this list, but our list is focusing on sources where you can get any kind of information you are looking for and through any medium of communication you are comfortable with. Although YouTube is certainly not the best place to keep up with world news regarding Bitcoins, it is certainly the best when it comes to clearing up your confusions about it. There are many channels of YouTube which deal with the history and rise of Bitcoins, and explain concepts related to it including:

  • Bitcoin mining
  • ICOs
  • Blockchain
  • Exchanges
If you feel that your knowledge in any particular area is not up to the standard you want it to reach, YouTube is often your best tutor. Another website worth a mention is TrustNodes. And may we also humbly suggest that you follow our own Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for the latest news, action, reports, analysis on Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Altcoins, Ethereum, Hyperledger and other Enterprise apps and Distributed apps etc.

BTC Wires

Next in the list is BTC Wires,  a news source that spreads Bitcoin news, specialized examination and estimates for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a global news agency covering the world of cryptocurrency and the disruptive technology of Blockchain. With journalists and contributors from all parts of the world, BTC Wires has been a prime media partner to multiple blockchain conferences. The website is clear sections for readers interested to catch-up on C(rypto)-Buzz, Block(chain)-o-pedia, in-depth analysis, glossary for those who are just getting involved etc. 


  • Fleming Elijah March 2018 - Reply

    Reddit is the best forum but for most people it’s not user-friendly or easy to work around
    bitcoin magazine doesnt upload content anymore 1-2 articles a day at best…
    coindesk and telegraph are decent! but again ive been using other sites like dcforecasts.com who upload 20-30 articles a day when others only upload 8-10

  • Diana Lamphere March 2018 - Reply

    For general news regarding cryptocurrency, social media is the best tool to assess public pulse. By the way, social media is also full of rumors and hoax, that’s why people don’t take technical information shared on social media. Platforms like CoinTelegraph and CryptoCoinsNews are best in order stay tuned about latest happenings in crypto market.

  • Kamil March 2018 - Reply

    It is quite evident that Bitcoin has an influence on the volatility of most of the other popular Altcoins. When BTC goes up so do other cryptocurrencies and the main reason for this is that one needs to usually buy Bitcoin first in order to purchase the Altcoin they investing in.

    Another driving factor is the news streams, whether its ‘fake news’, CNN, FOX, BBC or impulsive feedback on social media that lacks proper in-depth research and then everyone tries to jump onto the train or off the train. This has been happening for years 🙂

  • Vince Upton March 2018 - Reply

    Cryptocurrency may not be a new currency, but there seem to be a lot of developments in Bitcoin and Blockchain, which means any wise investor should look for the latest Bitcoin and Blockchain news. However, what are some great sources for Bitcoin and Blockchain news I wondered. I’m surprised to see Twitter listed as one, but more businesses are realizing the power (and zero cost) of social media. I will have to look at the YouTube channels because traditionally, YouTube has been very helpful for me.

  • Ben May 2018 - Reply

    I follow a mix of these: a bit of CoinDesk in the morning and then Twitter. I then look for new Youtube videos and try to get the feel of what’s about to happen and invest in the right altcoins. It doesn’t always work but I feel I’m getting better at it.

  • Rod May 2018 - Reply

    I am quite surprised to see twitter up there as I wouldn’t think to go for it for any kind of big news but I’ll give it a go. One of my favorite sources would have to be google. It will immediately pull up recent news articles on the subject and you can take your pick.

  • Alan Cox May 2018 - Reply

    I get Bitcoin and Blockchain news everywhere. Twitter is good for real-time information, while traditional news articles or magazine reports are helpful in their own way. Never trust just one news source. Diversify!

  • Jesse June 2018 - Reply

    I find myself using all of them. Twitter is great for getting important news faster, Youtube is great for gathering more information plus there’s always the other 3 to read and learn new things. I guess it’s a matter of preference between using one of these 3 or all of them.

  • Adela Kirk June 2018 - Reply

    Just like with all of the different coins hitting the market, there are just as many good places to find the latest news on your favorite coin. Even though YouTube is the easiest for me, I still go through and find some news sources to add to my feedreader.

  • Jason Lucas June 2018 - Reply

    Some of these are very good and ones that I have not tried at this point. There is never a bad result that comes from having too much information regarding a topic. With one that changes so much and is as popular as cryptocurrency, the sources need to be legit.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    With cryptocurrency on the rise I follow some of these but look forward to keeping an eye out for any of the latest new and developments.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    It was once very difficult to follow the information on this topic and now it is in a much larger supply. Thanks for the sources!

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    With everything changing so fast in the crypto currency world, these are great ways to keep up to date. Thanks for giving me even more sources to stay up with what is going on around me!

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    Cointelegraph seems like a great source since it has degrees of information for how experienced you are. I will definitely have to check this one out.

  • Casey Mcdonald August 2018 - Reply

    I usually just use Google News to find articles about Blockchain and what is happening in the industry. Coindeck is something I should definitely check out though. I’ve heard others mention it, and you’ve done so here yourself.

  • Elsie-May Valenzuela August 2018 - Reply

    I use Twitter to get most of my Bitcoin and Blockchain news. There are a lot of reputable accounts to follow and you can watch news appears in your feed in real-time. Searching under specific headings and super easy as well.

  • Joyce September 2018 - Reply

    Thanks for all of this great information. You gave me some more resources to start reading from in my free time!

  • Kealan September 2018 - Reply

    I use Twitter mainly for its versatility. It is great!

  • Terry Stuckey November 2018 - Reply

    I am trying to learn as much as possible about cryptocurrency, especially blockchain. I think these resources are a great start!

  • Donna Sorrells November 2018 - Reply

    Even though Twitter is a great resource for news, there is a lot of fluff that you have to filter through. So many people are just tossing links around and unless you know who you are following, it become difficult to trust what you read.

  • Ernestine Houston November 2018 - Reply

    I think what I am going to do is find a youtube channel that uploads on a regular basis and see if I can just sit, watch and learn that way.

  • Robert Perez December 2018 - Reply

    It is hard enough to find resources that you can trust and when it comes to money, the news can be very twisted. Thank you for this list!

  • Dennis Miller December 2018 - Reply

    CoinDesk I use, I follow, I understand and I really trust it. There is no other source.

  • Donald Anderson December 2018 - Reply

    At least this is a great place to start my search for good news. Even just searching within Google does not always produce the best options.

  • Chris Davenport January 2019 - Reply

    It seems that news sites are just popping up all over the place. I assume they are posting information they are getting from someplace else, so it’s not like I am reading “fake” news, right?

  • Shirley Cyr January 2019 - Reply

    I use CoinDesk. There is so much infformation there and it seems to be updated on a regular basis, which is nice.

  • Maureen Richardson January 2019 - Reply

    I am not sure that I would use Twitter or Youtube for quick information. If you can follow a channel or user on the site for a while and get comfortable with what they are reporting, great, but without that I feel like you could be easily misled.

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