View on potential blockchain adoption & growth (2015-2025)

What Blockchain adoption could look like? Entities formed to manage the interactions among several nations, organizations, communities and certain individuals have not been up to date with the economy’s digital transformation. Blockchain has the ability to record transactions between two parties efficiently and is verifiable and immutable. Programming the ledger can also help to trigger transactions being carried out automatically. It is, for this reason, that in-between deal makers like lawyers, brokers and bankers would not be required in building contracts as every task between the parties would be recorded and contain an identifiable signature that can be validated, stored and shared. blockchain progression Blockchain has the potential to achieve the following illustrated in the manner it is to develop from its launch up to 2025; Exploration and Development sector; promises initial assessment and use-case assessment features, provide an early adoption that may be used for internal reconciliation. Early adoption; leading banks having seen the value will begin deployment for asset classes bi-laterally traded and lack central clearing authority. Regulatory certainty drives adoption for external use and realizes advantages of benefits and compliance and start rule-making. Growth; banks begin to realize the benefits earned by the early embracers and together with regulatory guidance and certainty the networks effect holds. Deployment thereafter goes viral across numerous asset classes, current processes and services are rejected by new ones which are seen to be better off. Maturity; Blockchain embracement is considered mainstream and integral to the capital market’s ecosystem. Blockchain will ensure savings in infrastructure use, transactions, and administrative costs. It promises to improve trust levels, accuracy and resilience in the financial ecosystem since it contains a secure, electronic time-stamped ledger database that is shared by all of the parties involved. It can be private or public based upon the terms of access in its layout and design.


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