KrytoGraphe introduces the first Crypto Portfolio App that integrates with your crypto exchange accounts and allows auto-sync of your portfolio (you don't have to manually enter all transaction details). It also provides detailed analysis and meaningful insights on how your portfolio is performing!

Earn with kryptographe

Read this if you want to learn more about how affiliate marketing works. Here is our view on how it will work for you.

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1. Create Your account

Start by creating an account on Commission Junction (if you don’t already have one). Log in and search for the KryptoGraphe Affiliate Program.

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2. Link to KryptoGraphe

Select our Affiliate Program and download the unique link that will let you get credit for any traffic you send our way.

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3. Promote

Promote our app using this link on social media, in newsletters, on your website, or using any other form of digital marketing that you have access to.

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4. Earn Money

Be patient and promote a few times to start seeing conversions. Commission Junction will automatically send you monthly cheques on the amount earned.

language is not a barrier

Our goal is to make KryptoGraphe available globally, and we are releasing it in the following languages (the website is also available in the same languages). We hope to keep adding more in future releases of the app.


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