Analyzing The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Bitcoin the popular digital cryptocurrency that exists virtually in the form of data files. It is used as a medium for transactions. Each record of transactions is maintained in ledgers, and the computational solutions of mathematical problems generate new units of currencies. Bitcoins can be the standard currency for buying food or booking and can also be used for buying properties, but all transactions are performed online.

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology where each transaction is recorded in computerized files called ledgers, making every transaction fraud-proof and transparent. These transactions are faster compared to other bank transactions of traditional currencies. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptographic currency introduced in 2009. It uses a proof of work system to verify and authenticate the transaction carried out by users.

Bitcoin is open to the public as it uses distributed blockchain. Is Bitcoin a computer file stored in digital wallets on smartphones or computers that can be sent or received from other people? Is every transaction recorded in public ledgers?

Bitcoin Phenomenon

Phenomenon of bitcoin analysis

The popularity of Bitcoin is increasing on the internet, and many people started trading in the online market. The market is always dominated by short-term investors, trend chasers, speculators, and traders. There is no basis for setting the fair price and missing fundamentalist segments of the market and solely controlled by investors’ faith in the growth.

After the analysis of the dynamic relationship between Bitcoin price and interest in the currency by online queries and Wikipedia, it is found that there is a bidirectional relationship such as if prices are higher, the increase of interest pushes them further to the top when they are low. Growth of interest makes them even lower.

The two phases of bitcoin analysis by time

As for analyzing Bitcoin by measuring network characteristics in function of time, there are two phases. The first is when it is newly introduced and when people started giving attention to it. Also, most of the Bitcoins are not used but saved in the wallets for safekeeping, and only 45% of Bitcoins are circulated in the system. The first phase is mainly characterized by large fluctuations in its network characteristics, heterogeneous in-degree, and homogeneous out-degree distributions. When it comes to the second phase, it is because of stable network measures. And after analyzing the transaction flow graph of Bitcoin, it is discovered that most of the Bitcoins are not active, stored in wallets up to 2012.

Analysis of the success of Bitcoin reported that despite no fancy cryptography features, it is Ingenious and sophisticated but not perfect. Bitcoin has several advantages over other financial assets, like Bitcoin’s incentive to participate by mining the coins. It is distributed and can be easily divided. Coins can be generated exponentially and ensure a predictable money supply; open and flexible, irreversible transactions, transaction fees, and others are low. However, denominations are possible despite being an e-cash system.

Even though there are some initial State problems, the core design could support a robust decentralized currency. Bitcoin is volatile, making it laugh of store value compared to traditional ones with institutional stability and security. There might also be problems like deflation if Bitcoins are widely used.

Statistical data on bitcoin

Many websites provide a simple analysis of Bitcoin blockchain data. Also, offer blocks in statistics over time; for instance, Bitcoin market value is the number of transactions for a block. While most of them are simple line charts that resemble stock charts and serve a similar purpose, they provide information for investors as target users. It helps in a Bitcoin exchange as it has users to give details on when to sell and when to buy.

Currently, the Bitcoin price is rising and also hit an all-time high price recently. Institutional investors are taking on Bitcoin and continuous investment, pushing the price. Another reason for Bitcoin price rising is the adoption of it as a payment method. Different online payment platforms also allow its users and merchants to store, buy, and sell using Bitcoin, and another type of cryptocurrency has a form of payment. Recently, PayPal announced allowing it. This also pushed a Bitcoin price to a higher level.


Initially, Bitcoin is created evolved for the process known as mining, which can be exchanged for other currencies or products or services, and its implementation was released as open source software.

It is a decentralized digital currency without the need for intermediaries. But now, many people use cryptocurrency wallets, and most of them are using Bitcoin for exchange. Bitcoin is developed to the point that price reaches to great lengths where it is affecting gold price. Bitcoin is one of the products of computer science and also the use of cryptography.

Bitcoin is invented for microtransactions, but it is later evolved bit by bit and accepted by the community. Bitcoin is open-source, which can be contributed by everyone.

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