Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal: The Best Ways

These are the cryptocurrency exchanges you should use if you are a beginner.

If you’re just getting into crypto these exchanges will allow you to put something here as well they will allow you to get in, do everything you need to do easily.

These trading platforms are for amateur, as well if you want to go more advanced but it’s for beginners and then maybe moving on into the intermediate level to make money and acquire and sell crypto is in general.

In fact, typically, certain stocks may fluctuate depending on location and the company you’ve chosen to withdraw.

Bitcoin to PayPal

But, Why Prefer PayPal?

Back in 2010, hardly a few knew about Bitcoin but now, it became highly acceptable because people tend to use it more often. The best part is, Bitcoin can be used to buy or sell items all over the globe and it has a value that cannot be manipulated by any banking or government authority.

However, nowadays fiat traders prefer investing in crypto rather than fiat. Three years back in 2017, the price for Bitcoin rose unexpectedly; but soon it went down with a crash.

So, traders, investors, and big companies prefer Paypal to profit through selling and buying cryptocurrency rather than storing it into a virtual wallet.

There are numerous ways, how to utilize Paypal to change and convert the Bitcoin into a fiat currency. To achieve the goal, let’s discuss the preeminent Bitcoin exchange platforms that support Paypal.

Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal: The Best Ways

Excited to withdraw your hard-earned bitcoins but don’t know how to? Well, there are several different payment methods to use to withdraw your bitcoins earned from equal-to-equal platforms.

You sell them and select the favorite method that you prefer; once the money is transferred you could easily withdraw your money.

Want to cash your crypto through Paypal? Here you will learn how to acquire and sell bitcoins with PayPal.

Whether you have Bitcoin and you want to use it to get some Paypal credits or the way around, we’re breaking down ways you can make that happen.

The first option is this big online digital currency exchange with sites like Exmo,  Coinbase,  and Wirex, all you need to do is to sync your PayPal account and you will have the capability to change your credits.

Just be wary, it’s become a relatively high fee because of how convenient it is. Another option you might want to consider is an online equal to the equal marketplace, Localbitcoin, paxful, allows you to acquire directly from real people all over the world.

Additionally, exploring Bitcoin websites that offer social trading where you can load up and cash out, what you trade using your PayPal account. Etoro is a good example of this but it’s only for non-us countries.

Eager to hear how to exchange your hard-earn bitcoin to paypal? Let’s dive deep into the article.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase have been around for but they actually one of the preeminent ever standing exchanges platform. It wasn’t the first exchange but Coinbase has got themselves in a position people can trust and feel secure and the add-on is that it never was hacked.

With Coinbase you can acquire and sell, you can create a cryptocurrency portfolio and put certain funds into vaults, it is the most trusted cryptocurrency platform.

In Coinbase, you can see your assets and trade them or sell and wallet can store the cryptocurrencies.

It has a download option with the wallet meaning get it on your mobile and secure the app and store the crypto over a whole plethora of different assets.

2. Binance

Binance is a little bit late in the competition, it arrived a bit later than Coinbase but it has a huge craze back in 2017 when the big ICO run happened and the OLT coins are going crazy.

Binance really got its hold in the market and offers very good exchange and a lot more choice. Apart from Bitcoin, it has every single asset you could ever imagine of.

It offers buying and trading assets, which means you can acquire or sell crypto in USD amount with your card. It allows converting an amount of a cryptocurrency into anything.

3. Paxful

Paxful was one of the leading equal to equal trading platforms where you can acquire and trade bitcoins. Once you have an account on Paxful and have Bitcoin to sell simply start the trade and choose a bank transfer as a mode of treatment next the seller needs to provide details such as your full name and bank account number then need to wait for your buyer to make a transfer to your bank credits.

In order for a trader to make a payment to your PayPal account, you’ll need to provide your email address. For safety reasons make sure that the person you’re trading with has a verified PayPal account so that you have their details.

Next, ask them to send a proof of payment, depending on your country it could receive in three to four days mainly because you have to request the conversion.

Once the money reflects on your PayPal account simply transfer the money through a bank and withdraw over the counter or through an ATM.

4. Localbitcoins

LBC allows selling your Bitcoin for PayPal or other various payment options. In LBC you have the choice to sell worldwide or to someone locally.

In order to cash out through Paypal, select the withdrawal method to Paypal. There is a list of local buyers whom you can sell your bitcoin and cash it via Paypal. Just select and send a trade request.

Once, it is accepted, do not release your Bitcoin until paid. Before dealing with any user make sure to check whether it is a verified user or not.

Go to your PayPal account and if the payment is reflected there then you can simply withdraw it with the help of a bank and then use it anywhere you desire.

5. eToro

Compare to its competitors, eToro offers very low service fees. The major benefit of eToro is that it accepts various types of payment methods. However, not all countries can avail the benefit of this feature offered by eToro but nothing to worry; you can still exchange it in fiat currency worldwide.

eToro allows users to convert Bitcoin to fiat currency through Paypal but unfortunately, the user can not trade or send Bitcoin to others.

Furthermore, by using the eToro service you can eliminate the uses of a Bitcoin wallet.


Though there is a rising number of exchanging platforms that allow PayPal to Bitcoin purchases. Keep on doing your own research about the industry and be careful with handling your finances.

After all, the choice is huge at the moment. There is a bunch of variety in platforms that offer similar services but it is up to you, make a decision which one to choose. However, put up in mind that a huge number of people lose their cash in trading. So, before you begin trading, invest some time in learning, and engross yourself in this and then decide whether the risk is worth it or not.

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