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Everyone knows that there’s considerable risk involved when it comes to trading cryptos. Trading is always riskier than investing. The primary reason behind it is that analyzing the market accurately and predicting its future position is almost an impossible task for humans. Traders try to predict, but they’re mostly inaccurate in their speculations.

A machine, however, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) can speculate on the future position of the market precisely. This is the job of automated trading platforms like Immediate Edge. It not only pulls out profitable trades for you but also executes them, and later books profits. Read the article to know more about Immediate Edge.

Immediate Edge

About Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a modern digital currency trading platform that runs a specially designed software. The software focuses on fast data-gathering from the global digital exchanges, analysis of this data, and generating market predictions. Members of this trading robot can access the accurate profitable trade signals on their account page and place the trades. Immediate Edge also prides in offering all their clients an elite automated trading option. The users can select this auto-trade option after selecting some trade parameters and the software executes the profitable trades. This facility allows you to do some other work while your earnings get credited to your account.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Before understanding the functioning of Immediate Edge, it’s important to know some facts about cryptocurrencies and the crypto market. First, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., aren’t backed by any gold standard, unlike commodities and fiat currencies. So, the price of cryptos is unaffected by the change in economic reforms and economic condition of the world. Also, no authority can regulate its value. The value of cryptos solely depends on the conventional ‘demand and supply’ law of economics.

Immediate Edge is master software that can expertly leverage the market conditions. It conducts extensive scans, wherein it recognizes profitable trading opportunities. It not only pulls them out for you but also executes them. It has an accuracy rate of over 99% and you can profit from every trade. After booking profits, it gets transferred to your trading account, and you can easily withdraw it, as and when you wish.

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How to Use Immediate Edge?

Step 1: Fill the Registration Form

Once you land on the homepage of the website, you’ll find a registration form. To become a member of the Immediate Edge platform, you’ve to fill the form by providing accurate personal details, including your email address and full name.

Immediate Edge doesn’t charge you for registering on the platform, so you can sign-up immediately. The software verifies your information and provides you access to the private members’ area.

Step 2: Deposit Money into Trading Account

To start trading on crypto exchanges, you’ve to add money to your trading account. The minimum deposit of the platform is $250. You can choose to deposit a higher amount as well. But, starting with small orders initially reduces the risk associated with trading and allows you to increase your investment gradually. You can use a variety of payment methods to deposit funds.

Step 3: Practice Account

The developers also give you access to a ‘practice account’ that allows you to test the quality of the software. You can use the virtual credits in the account to place trades. It helps you practice crypto trading and understand the crypto market. You can explore the features offered by the platform and see if it fits your requirements.

Step 4: Select Mode of Trading

Immediate Edge supports manual and automatic trading. You get the option of selecting between them. If you’re a beginner, you’d probably be better off with the auto-mode, wherein the software places trades on your behalf. You can switch to manual mode anytime if you want to execute trades on your own.

Step 5: Adjust Parameters and Control your Trades

Now, the software, unlike other automated platforms, enables you to remain in control of your trades, even if it places them on your behalf. You can be in charge of your trades through the trading parameters. You’ve to set them to your requirements. Trading parameters include the average risk percentage, money to invest in every trade, among many others.

Step 6: Receive Trading Signals 

Based on your trading preferences, the software will break down market movements and bring lucrative trades for you. If you’re trading in the manual mode, you can use the suggestions to book profits on your own. If you’ve switched on the automatic mode, the Immediate Edge software will execute these potentially profitable trades for you.

The software has an unmatched success rate of over 99%. So, you can win from every trade that it executes.

Step 7: Withdraw Profits

Last but not the least, withdraw the profits in your trading account into your bank account. For withdrawals, you need to fill a form and request it. In 24 hours, the profits will get transferred to your bank account.

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Benefits of Immediate Edge

Advanced Algorithm

Immediate Edge uses the most advanced algorithms and blockchain technology to analyze the market and pull out potentially profitable trading signals for you. It delivers an accuracy rate of 98.9%.

Free Trading Platform

It’s a free trading platform. The developers don’t charge any registration fee, withdrawal fee, or recurring subscription fee. You only have to pay a negligible transaction fee to the developers on every completed order.

Top performance

The trading platform uses market parameters and historical statistics to scan and search crypto exchanges of the world. From every market scan, it spots profit-maximizing opportunities and pulls them out for you. There are no risks involved in trading through the Immediate Edge trading platform.

Easy to Access and Operate

There isn’t any prior knowledge required before using this strong trading bot. The installation of the Immediate Edge trading platform is elementary and can be done on any Android device, PC, mobile device, iPhone, MAC. Anyone who is a novice in this field can also operate this app easily.

Efficient Customer Support

You can contact the customer support of the platform to receive clarification on queries. The customer support includes professional brokers who’ll guide you in every aspect possible.

Secure Trading Platform

The software secures your account from the attack of malicious hackers. First, it authenticates the data you provide. Then, it’ll allow you to set a strong password for your trading account. Finally, the software will secure your account under an encrypted network. Since swindles and frauds are extremely common in the crypto sector, these cybersecurity measures help you stay clear of them.

Unique Time-Jump Technology

The developers have incorporated the algorithm with a unique ‘time-jump’ technology, which helps it to be ahead of the market by a few milliseconds. It allows the software to provide reliable trading signals consistently.

Pricing Policy

The developers charge a minimal transaction fee on every transaction that it carries out on your behalf. It’s deducted as a proportion of your profits. You don’t have to pay anything for joining, withdrawals, or using its features.

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Immediate Edge


Does the Immediate Edge trading platform charge any registration fees? 

No, the trading bot doesn’t charge any registration fees. You can create an account and start using it for free.

How much can you earn through the Immediate Edge trading platform?

You’ll be able to make over $2000 a day. Your earnings are dependent on your investment. It will increase with the amount of deposit.

Is the withdrawal system of Immediate Edge reliable? 

Yes, the withdrawal system of the trading app is reliable. You can withdraw your money as soon as your trading session is over. It takes only a day to process the withdrawal request. Your money is completely yours and you can withdraw your funds whenever you wish.

Does the trading bot work for all?

Yes, the Immediate Edge trading platform works for all. The trading app would earn you enormous amounts of profits. It has a precision rate of 98.9%. The trading bot can provide you with money-making trading opportunities and you can use it to place your trades. If you’re trading in the auto-mode, the software will place the trades for you. It does all the work for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your life.

Does the Immediate Edge trading platform support any broker? 

The trading bot supports many significant crypto exchanges such as Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Coinbase, and Binance. You can also trade forex with brokers like UFX and 24option.

What cryptos can you trade in Immediate Edge? 

Immediate Edge supports many cryptocurrency exchanges that handle many crypto trades. The cryptocurrencies you can trade include Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

Can your trading account be accessed by anyone else?

There are reports of many internet scams and frauds in the cryptocurrency industry. But Immediate Edge ensures that its users don’t face this kind of problem. The app verifies the details of all its users and encrypts users’ trading accounts by using a secure system. Only you can access your account by entering the correct password.


  • You can expect to win over $2,000 in profits daily.
  • It’s easy to access and use the software.
  • The security features offered are unmatched.
  • It provides accurate trading signals.
  • The software books profit on your behalf.
  • The platform supports many cryptos.
  • It’s the most reliable and consistent trading app.
  • It charges zero fees for registration, withdrawal, and subscription.


  • There’s a small transaction fee that the software deducts on every executed order.

Customer Testimonials

As a single mother, I had to work in double shifts to meet the expenses and couldn’t devote any time to my children. All this until I became a member of the Immediate Edge digital trading app. I opened my account for 20 minutes before leaving for work, adjusted the trade settings for the day, and left the auto-robot to execute my trades. After a year, I have made a profit of $30,000 and life has changed for my kids and I. Elisa Thompson, 38, UK.

As a CPA student, I was interested in stock trading and made huge losses. After discussions with my peers, I got to know about the high profitability of digital currency trading with Immediate Edge. All the trade predictions generated are precise and I made daily profits from this trading robot. Initially, I used the auto-bot to trade on CFDs of digital currency and now I also trade manually to book profits. Richard, 25, Germany.

I had a strong penchant towards digital currency trading and started with Immediate Edge. The immediate and quality help received from the customer support team helped me to start trading easily and from the first day. In two months, I have already made a profit of $26,735 with this accurate trading robot. I’m planning a world tour with my family in a year. I recommend Immediate Edge to all who want to become financially independent and lead a self-reliant life. Bob, 52, South Africa.

Banks were exerting a lot of pressure on me to pay my dues until six months ago. I didn’t have the money to pay my mortgages as I’d lost my job during the Coronavirus lockdown. One of my friends suggested that I trade on the Immediate Edge software. I registered immediately and started placing trade orders on my own. I used the accurate trading signals provided by the software. In only two months of trading, my initial investment grew by 15 times! I’ve been trading on the platform for over seven months. With all the profits earned, I’ve paid all my dues. A big thanks to the developers of Immediate Edge. Trisha, 38, Australia.


Immediate Edge has a success rate of 99%. So, it reduces your risk level to a negligible percentage. Statistically, you’ll win from every 99 of the 100 trades that the software executes. That means you can only lose your investment on 1 trade out of every 100 orders!

The trading bot is your best chance to create a passive income. Starting from pulling out lucrative trades to booking profits, it does everything for you. You don’t have to lift a finger when Immediate Edge is at work. The platform supports easy deposits and withdrawals. Register on the software today!

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