New Zealand Guides On Tax Treatment For Crypto Salary

New Zealand, an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean, is a crypto-friendly country. Cryptocurrency is virtual money that uses strong encryption techniques. The process involves the generation and exchanges of such currency that are well regulated. The system operates with a decentralized process where no other parties other than the two parties between whom the exchange is needed are required for successful operation. Crypto is a type of currency on which there is no particular authority control. Blockchain technology for cryptocurrency, i.e., a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. The currency can be used without depending on any Company or a Bank or Government. Not involved in their operation’s control and fees.

In New Zealand, cryptocurrencies do not have any specific codification. The people involved in crypto exchanges considered toney ‘changers.’ This currency is considered a property to which the holder needs to pay taxes. This currency is subjected to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing act.

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Cons and pros of crypto

Using digital currency has many advantages, such as secure transactions because there is no interference or third party during transactions between receiver and sender. There are no restrictions on the amount that can be transferred or received. Transactions made using cryptocurrency are always based on a contract that helps make the transaction secure if the transaction happens only if certain conditions are passed.

This exchange speed is fast as there is no involvement of a third party in it, which is also confidential because there isn’t a third person who knows about the transaction details. Compared to two other types of currency transactions, transaction fees for these cryptocurrency transactions are less.

Easy Exchange or Conversions

Cryptocurrency made international currency exchange easy. The currency is exchangeable. Cryptocurrency can instantly convert into any other form of cryptocurrency or local currency.

These benefits make this currency popular, and many are interested in investing in this currency. Access to cryptocurrency is easy because many platforms and websites available in the digital market and a simple data connection are enough to make the entire process successfully happen without interference from other sections.

There are some drawbacks when using cryptocurrency because sometimes using this isn’t easy as it uses complex techniques and many people aren’t aware of its process and knowledge accordingly. The prices of cryptocurrency fluctuate in nature, leading to profit for some cases and loss.

Tax Guidance in New Zealand

As the uses of cryptocurrency are increasing, many countries are trying to control this currency. New Zealand brings in the rule to allow the company to use cryptocurrency as a payment to their employees.

These tax guidelines are merged with new guidelines for those companies, such as the need to pay tax according to this currency’s usage for paying their employees. It is important because search currency is increasing day by day, which is and regulated, and it is decentralized. Transactions of such currency happen without being recorded, which may lead to future financial problems in the country. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of New Zealand tax office has made receiving salaries in cryptocurrency has legal, and taxes are imposed accordingly.

The payment as Crypto Assets

The payment for employees for the service performed paid accordingly with the crypto assets. Also, the crypto assets used for salary payments must be exchanged for flat currency; that is, if the employer wants to change or convert the received crypto payment, it must be possible for them to convert that money to local currency without any issues. These taxes which are imposed on this trip to salaries are taken as PAYE, i.e., pay  as you earn income payment tax

The company’s rulings place its employees using cryptocurrencies are such be paid in a fixed amount. As the payments paid by the companies should be fixed amount, the value of cryptocurrency is to be fixed to one or more flat currencies. The cryptocurrency basic salary payment must be directly into local currency on the exchange. This ruling applies to the employees who are salaried wage earners, and self-employed workers will not have such advantage of using cryptocurrency payments.

Fluctuations in the market

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency is volatile in behavior; that is, it fluctuates widely in price. Maybe a disadvantage for employees if the amount received has a salary decrease later due to market fluctuations? Bitcoin is one of the leading cryptocurrency used by many cryptocurrency users. New Zealand also has rules that apply to the salaries and wages paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as long as it comes under taxes.

Usage Regulation

The regulating process of cryptocurrencies of the crypto industry changes from state to state government. New Zealand currency is regulated by imposing the tax. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency tax is by treating cryptocurrency as property. And also have a tax guide on cryptocurrency usage.

Some of the guidelines regarding cryptocurrency, such as exchanges issuing their cryptocurrency to facilitate trading, comes under  the financial service category of issuing and management means of payment, exchanges allowing cryptocurrency trading comes under the financial service category of operating the value transfer service, trading of financial products involve cryptocurrencies of tokens in the FMC act transactions may be operating a financial product market, and search markets require a license for operation, etc

Regulating such a cryptocurrency industry is important to control money laundering, crypto crimes, and illegal activities. Exchanging Fiat currency through cryptocurrency may be a disadvantage for a country’s economy, which needs to be controlled by different approaches. This currency could access the capital and financial services and enable social and economical growth if it is regulated properly without banning it.

Standardization as an asset

In summary, New Zealand has announced that paying wages using cryptocurrency. The companies that use cryptocurrency must have the payment for their employees must adhere to the tax regulations. The tax on crypto-based salaries is maintained as the cryptocurrency status as an asset and not a currency.  New Zealand’s tax  Authority has provided guidelines and ruling on how remuneration paid in crypto should be taxed when received by employees as a part of the regular payments, including salary and bonuses.


Using cryptocurrency is increasing day by day, and the crypto industry is spreading worldwide .government of each country is doing its best to regulate and take advantage of it. New Zealand becomes one of the latest countries in which taxes are issued on cryptocurrency by treating them as property. And companies can legally make payments to their employees using cryptocurrency under certain constraints. Guidelines are provided by the tax authority on how wages need to be made and taxes regarding this cryptocurrency for using it.

IRD announces this on an official website, and by this wage, payments become legal since 2019 until they used normal money for legal payments. Many people in New Zealand are happy about this, mainly those already part of the crypto industry. But for those who don’t know about the crypto industry still having a hard time, many are curious about this currency.

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