These 10 Popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are The Best To Buy Any Altcoins

Whenever it comes to picking a bunch of best cryptocurrency exchanges, people usually think that the best choices always depend on volume, performance based on accessibility, fees, or some other normal features. That is not at all the case.

Most exchanges go for supporting a specific category of the client as per the location, payment approach, experience, anonymity needed, and so forth. Very few of them can be under consideration of extensive catch-all exchanges made for a non-existing average user.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges of the Present Decade

Here, you will get a bunch of top-notch cryptocurrency exchanges that will make you filled with adequate ideas and are exactly what you will be needing.

Before you commence with the crypto exchange list, it is never too late to invest in crypto. Now, let’s get into the main business.


If you are an active individual in the crypto world, Binance is not something you have not heard of. In fact, it is a fast-growing crypto exchange. It is renowned for concluding its ICO on the 21st of July in 2017 and raised 15 million USD. This fast exchange company is based on Malta, which is also known as the heaven of cryptocurrency.

This global crypto exchange company possesses the highest liquidity and is idle for everyone. Since its establishment, Binance has been showing its massive explosions, and now it is known to be one best of 5 crypto exchanges globally. At present, it has more than 200 altcoins listed on it.


Looking for another world-famous top-quality crypto exchange? Bitfinex goes no less. It is working successfully from 2014. It bestows the chance to users to trade 13 major cryptocurrencies in “USD” or BTC based out of “Hong Kong”. They are:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bcash
  3. Dash
  4. Ethereum
  5. Zcash
  6. Monero
  7. Litecoin
  8. Ethereum Classic
  9. OmiseGO
  10. EOS
  11. IOTA
  12. Santiment
  13. Ripple

The best part of using it is that you can trade with the use of USD with a wire fee of 20 USD minimum. Besides that, users require to pay a trade fee that ranges 0.1% – 0.8%. If you are an expert trader, on Bitfinex, you can access some advanced trading options or tools like a stop order, limit order, fill or kill, trailing stop, TWA, and many others. On top of that, you also get different market charts.

Getting started with Bitfinex is quite easy. Just register and verify your ID and authenticate yourself. Within 15 to 20 days of submission, you are allowed on the platform. In case you don’t know, there are mobile apps for both “iOS” and “Android”.


This United States-based cryptocurrency exchange serving folks all across the globe, is a platform for the beginners. It is mainly known for its amazing reliability and incomparable speed. To buy cryptocurrencies quite quickly, you can use Coinbase, and it helps you trade with the assets simultaneously.

Coinbase now has mobile apps for both “iOS” and “Android”. Thus, you get to explore a more comfortable side of this exchange as mobile versions are more convenient to operate compared to the web version. It is functional for many years now and thus has deep knowledge of providing the best security.


This highly demanded crypto exchange platform was formed with the help of a team of expert economists, web developers, and high-frequency traders for the crypto world. Regarding the liquidity of your crypto, you will see that there are no issues.

The main currency BitMex crypto exchange deals with is Bitcoin (BTC) and its future contracts. Apart from that, it also deals with various altcoins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple. The registration procedure is quite simple, just like the previous crypto exchanges mentioned above – it is all about registering through your email ID. Also, if you are worried about the fee structure, they are also quite straightforward.

Change Now

If you are looking for the easiest approach for getting a grip around a bunch of cryptocurrencies, it is undoubtedly Change Now. It has kept a verified track record of good products being into the cryptocurrency world. One of the best features Change Now offers is you don’t require to go-through any long boring registration procedure.

Change Now is a non-custodial crypto exchange. At present, it has room for more than 200 cryptocurrencies, and it is also quite straightforward to work with. Open it, register yourself, and follow the guidelines on your screen to exchange your crypto.

Huobi Pro

Originated in China, Huobi Pro has been in the business for the last five successful years. It has now moved around the globe, helping thousands of investors. It has gained the 3rd spot on the list of exchanges of CoinMarketCap. Also, it has 244 pairs of cryptocurrencies. As a result, it is obvious that you will literally experience zero liquidity problems on this exchange platform. Like many other crypto exchanges, Huobi Pro has Android and iOS mobile applications.


If you are again looking for another super straightforward crypto exchange site, KuCoin is the one. It introduces various famous and distinctive coins such as $KCS, CHR, and so on. It works similar to Binance, Huobi Pro, and more as it proffers a complete operable mobile application for both “iOS” and “Android”. Deposit any cryptocurrency of your wish to start with “KuCoin” and carry on your trading.


This is also a US-based crypto exchange company availing the scope to trade with over 190 cryptocurrencies at once. You do not need to think about the securities of your assets as this platform is well regulated and adaptable with each and every present US rules.

It is a special platform as it takes the complete responsibility of the largest BTC-trading volumes among all the other exchanges present around the world. One unique thing about Bittrex is that here the buyers and the sellers can fix the rates in which they are interested in carrying out the trading.


A business affair of a serious individual will find Kraken to be the perfect crypto exchange platform. Its specialty is that apart from individual accounts, it provides an institutional account for crypto businesses. It has the support for multi-digital assets, and you can easily fund your account in various conventional currencies.


Finally, Poloniex has been in this field since January 2014. It was brought into the crypto market by Tristan D’Agosta and has become one most victorious crypto exchange platforms globally. Poloniex, basing out of the US, offers more than 100 cryptos to its traders. Poloniex is absolutely the best for trade volumes. Poloniex had the highest ethereum volume in 2017, supporting a free ETH market and a BTC market.

Last Note

If you are using any one of the crypto exchanges mentioned above will let you purchase almost each and every cryptocurrency that you have always dreamt of owning. Having deep knowledge of these platforms automatically makes you much comfortable for dealing with crypto with the users. So, stop waiting, register yourself in the one you find the most suitable, and commence with your affair.

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