Which are the Top 5 Blockchain solutions for Social Impact & Donation?

While we have all seen the power of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many are yet to know the potential of the underlying technology – decentralized, peer-to-peer, distributed ledger called blockchain. This technology means a secure and instantaneous sending of currencies around the word at a very low cost.

The blockchain technologies allow several applications like data collection, peer-to-peer smart contracts and creation of digital assets. There are several blockchain solutions for social impact and donation, but we will discuss the best among them in this article.

Social Impact, Donation, Blockchain

Social impact and donation platforms incentivize social organizations (social enterprises, NGOs, charities) to run projects in a transparent way and get paid for achieving their goals. The blockchain solutions are out to reduce intensive financial and legal intermediaries which are usually an expensive and long process. Here are the top 5 blockchain solution for social impact and donation.


Alice social tech startup has launched a blockchain technology that will show those donating to charity the impact their money is making. Alice is a London-based platform running the first appeal using St Mungo’s homeless charity technology.

The technology freezes donations until charities are able to prove that they’ve achieved their donation goals. The reason for this platform is to encourage more people to donate to charities while it ensures transparency. It means that donors will donate to charity projects on Alice and Alice will ensure their money is used for the real purpose or they get their money back.

Alice is rebuilding public trust in charity by creating an innovative blockchain technology that will ensure charity organizations use the donation they receive judiciously. Blockchain technology has benefited charities so much. For instance, some charities are accepting donation via blockchain.

Now, Alice is going further by using blockchain technology, especially its smart contracts function to track donations and ensure it makes an impact or cancels it if it didn’t make an impact as proposed.


Bithope is designed to further develop and promote charity through cryptocurrencies crowdfunding. As cryptocurrencies are seen as disrupting charity sphere, there is need to rebuild trust so that people can safely donate to charity and see their money used for what it’s meant for. With the ease at which charity organization can get people to donate money to charity, Bithope found it important to ensure the money donated is used judiciously.

There are several NPOs in all countries, which basically composed of people who are devoted to fundraising to help the less privilege. Many of these NPOs don’t have access to many donors, especially the international donors and are not very skilled in marketing their campaigns. That’s why Bithope is giving them a chance to receive funding from global donors. Blockchain donations are easy, global, quick and come with little or no transfer fees. With Bithope, anonymous people can donate to NPOs easily.

This is the first platform that gives small NPOs the chance to receive a donation from global donors using blockchain technology and each NPO can check their balance at any time.


Clean Water coin is the first coin designed and developed to be used by nonprofit organizations. The coin was designed and developed to allow a community to participate in providing clean water for the use of the people. The best thing about the coin and the creator is that people can monitor how they are using their money.

Many people have no access to clean water that is why Cleanwater was created – to provide clean water to the communities that have no access to it. The clean water focus is to help charity organization called charitywater.org to provide clean water to the people throughout the world, but the blockchain platform might get their hands dirty by going out themselves to provide clean water to the people in the future.

According to Zach from Cleanwater, he said when they researched numbers of charities, charitywater stood for them. And Clean Water has promised 100% donation, which means they are not out to make money for themselves but to ensure people have clean water on their table always.


This is the era of cryptocurrencies and interesting new coins are being developed every day, meaning there is promising future for cryptos. Pinkcoin is a cryptocurrency developed to make donation easy. The coin also rewards users through unique staking technologies. Pink coin provides a secure network that disrupts the charity models that are not transparent. It focuses not only on the peer-to-peer transaction as you can also make profits by owning a coin.

Advantages of Pinkcoin

Pinkcoin platform is a platform where you can make money by simply owning coins and it also allows individual to donate from the interests they make to charity. This blockchain also provides a trustless and secure network to disrupt non-transparent charity modes. In Pinkcoin, you can receive interest by putting your coins in your wallet called Staking. If you hold the coins for some time, you’ll get profit because you are helping in the building of the blockchain.

The algorithm randomly selects someone with the correct block; such person will receive a reward. If you also donate to the Breast Cancer Charity Drive that the Pinkcoin is running, you can get a reward.


Give Track provides real-time financial transparency to create a great future of charity donation. BitGive created the GiveTrack platform for effective philanthropy. The creator of this platform is a non-profit organization which prefers the use of bitcoin as the means of donating to charity. It is also the first bitcoin charity organization that is legally recognized for non-profit status in the US.

Using GiveTrack, you can donate and track your donation from any part of the world. You can track your donation from the day you donated it to the final implementation stages. We all know that the major problem with most charity organizations is the lack of transparency, but with GiveTrack, you can support a charity without the fear of your money not being used for the reason you donated it. GiveTrack is bringing transparency into charity using blockchain technology and you can now donate knowing your donation is secure.


  • Kyle May 2018 - Reply

    I’ve yet to hear of Blockchain solutions but from the sounds of it seems like a very innovative piece of technology. I do wonder with the introduction of virtual currencies, how or if this will affect current currencies we use now, anytime in the future.

    • Mason Hansen November 2018 - Reply

      The thing is that blockchain tech is so new, but the features that come a long with it are so rich. I think that as long as developers have access to the technology, only good is going to come out of the other end.

  • Abigail May 2018 - Reply

    I really like the Pineapple Fund because it turned the attention towards donating and sharing the wealth and not just gather Bitcoins. All these 5 solutions are great and I hope to see many more and more people chipping in soon – the more we share, the more we get back.

  • Alice Smith May 2018 - Reply

    I am big on social impact and philanthropy. Unfortunately, I can’t think of many companies or NGOs running projects that use Blockchain-technology. This area definitely looks promising though.

  • Jack June 2018 - Reply

    Pinkcoin looks like a very interesting and different cryptocurrency. I see it growing nicely within the next 3-5 years. Will get some coins and add them to my wallet to see what happens.

  • Maude Spencer June 2018 - Reply

    Being able to get donations online in some sort of way that is not a pain in the neck is ideal for those in need. If the blockchain technology is moving in that direction, than I think that we are going to see some great things on that front.

  • Nicholas Newton June 2018 - Reply

    After looking through the solutions that you have listed here it makes me wonder which one would work the best for me. I am going to sign up for some of these and really get inside to see what they can offer.

  • Ben Amstutz July 2018 - Reply

    I love the idea of these! They offer a secure way to donate so that you know your funds are going to the right place for the right reason.

  • Josh Sprunger July 2018 - Reply

    I think these are a cool idea although, like mentioned in the comments above, the online currencies make me worry about how our money is going to be used in the future.

  • Ethan Martinez July 2018 - Reply

    Bithope looks promising. I’ll all for expanding crowdfunding in the area of charity. There are so many important causes that could take advantage of this.

  • Oliver Williams July 2018 - Reply

    I wonder where Cleanwater and some of these other currencies are most popular. It seems like such a specific initative to get behind.

  • Josie Abbott August 2018 - Reply

    I really support creating ways for Bitcoin to be used socially to impact communities. It’d be great to see some donation schemes develop for local and global causes. It’s easy to donate fiat money, but not so much crypto.

  • Darnell September 2018 - Reply

    Thanks for the easy and informative read! I am going to continue to research these!

  • Allana September 2018 - Reply

    Pink Coin seems like a great company. I might need to look into them!

  • Daniel Doyle November 2018 - Reply

    I have heard of Clean Water, but I guess I never really looked into it 100%. Thank you for breaking these down real quick.

  • Robert Huber November 2018 - Reply

    It was only a matter of time before a decent list of charities were going to come forward accepting cryptocurrencies. Thank you for the info.

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