Which Are The Top 5 Blockchain-Based Affiliate Programs?

Blockchain and affiliate marketing? Whoever thought such a merger could happen? Well, that’s just one of the many incredible possibilities of the blockchain. First off, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the affiliate industry is concerned or interested in this revolutionary technology. Yes, as most of us already know, blockchain technology is basically focused on making transactions faster, safer and more transparent for all parties. And interestingly, these are the exact same perks or factors that have kept affiliate networks afloat even to this day.

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But hey, it’s important to note that blockchain technology can actually deliver better outcomes for the affiliate industry. For starters, it can make the affiliate marketing process easier and cheaper for all parties (and most importantly, fully decentralized). What’s more, the revolutionary power of blockchain can help tackle some of the most challenging issues in digital marketing including tracking and fraud detection. Of course, if you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, you’ll relate when we say it’s not so easy to track clicks. In essence, one can hardly tell the difference between human and bot traffic. And unfortunately, bot traffic usually turn out to be much bigger than you think or expect!

Any solution to this? Well, of course, there is! With smart contracts, advertisers and publishers can be sure that all tracking will be super accurate and fraud-free. In other words, you no longer have to rely on a tracking pixel to verify the authenticity of clicks and user engagement. Blockchain technology is truly the wave of the future!

Interested in learning about some of the best blockchain-based affiliate platforms right now?

If yes, be sure to keep up as we explore our top five picks for 2018 and beyond!


Hoqu is one of few decentralized affiliate platforms that’s set to revolutionize the industry. Known to be the very first of its kind, Hoqu looks to leverage the power of blockchain to ensure all participants enjoy better and more favorable outcomes. First off, the platform cuts off the brokers as well as other third parties that spike up the price of affiliate marketing. So yes, on Hoqu, merchants and affiliates can easily connect with each other, strike deals and of course, rest easy knowing that everything will go as smoothly as planned. Essentially, Hoqu aims to make affiliate marketing is a cheap endeavor for interested parties. Yes, since the platform eliminates intermediaries, it cuts off up to 45% in transaction cost and charges a simple 0.5% commission via smart contracts!

That’s not all— Hoqu is also free to join; a pretty huge advantage over traditional affiliate programs. So yes, with just a few clicks, you can become a part of Hoqu and start achieving your marketing goals. Speaking of goals, you should be aware that the platform is perfect for all parties including merchants, affiliates and CPA networks. First off, merchants will be able to connect with a vast selection of professional marketers and of course, worry less about ad fraud. Next up, affiliates on Hoqu will get to access fair and transparent smart contract deals. And finally, CPA networks will be exposed to fair competition and fair reputation ranking. All in all, Hoqu is a full package that’s totally worth checking out. Highly recommended



Still looking for yet another fully decentralized affiliate marketing platform for 2018 and beyond? If yes, you won’t be wrong to get your eyes fixed on AffiliateCoin. As with the previously mentioned platform, AffiliateCoin is decentralized and of course, the platform makes use of tools that allow for safe, indisputable transactions. Yes, with AffiliateCoin, users won’t have to worry about fraud since it makes use of smart contracts for its transactions. What’s more, smart contracts will help get rid of issues related to intrusion, third-party tracking, and the likes. It’s also great to point out that AffiliateCoin makes it possible for publishers to earn higher revenue percentage for their efforts. And interestingly, they won’t ever have to worry about late or disputed payments; a very common problem in traditional platforms.

Moving forward, you’ll also be happy to hear that AffiliateCoin has other impressive perks or features for its users. First off, the platform uses machine matching algorithm to generate excellent recommendations for both merchants and publishers. As you probably guessed, this process will ensure that all involved parties enjoy better business relationships and of course, maximize their ROIs. It’s also worth noting that AffiliateCoin gives unique, active and verified discount codes to publishers. So yes, if you’re one, you certainly won’t have to worry about broken offers or inactive discount codes! And to sum it all up, AffiliateCoin is simple, secure and amazingly, entirely free to join. Do check it out!



Built on a custom blockchain with top of the line technology, Attrace is another platform that truly deserves a spot on our list. And yes, it’s one you’ll definitely want to have on your radar. First off, the platform comes with the biggest blockchain advantage — it allows for direct interaction between publishers and merchants. That said, you can easily tell that transaction costs will be reduced drastically. In fact, the platform charges as little as 0.5% commission on transactions and interestingly, the payout is instant!

So how does Attrace work? Well, for starters, this platform boasts a highly effective link tracking technology that tracks every link click. Essentially, smart contracts will be attached to every link on the platform thus making it possible for publishers to track their overall performance with ease. And of course, every information stored on the blockchain will be open for all to see. Want to learn more about Attrace? Well, just hit the link above and head straight to their site. You may also choose to be a part of their ICO or even join them at telegram — it’s your call!



Are you an advertiser in the crypto industry? Do you want to see better and more effective results from your campaigns? Just enter Bitcomo! The very first thing you should know is that Bitcomo is a CPA Ad project for crypto projects. So yes, as an advertiser, Bitcomo can actually increase your chances of gaining more profit from your campaigns. And of course, you’ll get to achieve all these without burning a hole in your wallet (reduced fees and excellent fraud protection). It’s also good to point out that Bitcomo is home to over 10,000 crypto-niche direct publishers. That said, you have just about every tool you need to get things going right off the bat. We also think it’s worth mentioning that Bitcomo gives advertisers the opportunity to check the validity of clicks and leads; so it’s either high-quality traffic or nothing.

On the other side of the platform is a section for affiliates. Now, if you’re looking to join as an affiliate, you’ll be happy to hear that Bitcomo also has quite a number of things in store for you. First off, affiliates on the platform are duly protected from all sorts of fraudulent activities. There’s also an opportunity to gain higher revenues from each lead or sale (a big advantage over traditional CPA marketing). All in all, Bitcomo may be just right for you if you’re an affiliate marketer or one with interest in CPA marketing.



Last but certainly not the least on the list is ReTtoken. As you probably guessed, this platform is pretty similar to our other picks and yes, it’s also worth being on your radar. ReTtoken basically looks to offer trustless, decentralized affiliate marketing that’s based on smart contracts. So of course, RefToken will be a platform where brands and affiliates can connect directly and process real value transactions at their own pace. It’s also interesting to know that RefToken will offer instant payment to affiliates upon completion of transactions. Of course, since all deals are based on smart contracts, merchants and affiliates will have little to no reason to worry about fraud and the likes. To sum it up, RefToken boasts the features of a blockchain-based platform that can actually revolutionize the affiliate marketing industry. It’s clearly one that’s worth looking out for.



And that’s it! At this point, basically, every one of can see that blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar affiliate marketing industry. And yes, the above-mentioned platforms are already making big moves in this regard. All in all, there’s a huge potential to earn a fortune in the industry, only if you play your cards right. Be sure to visit each platform here and of course, learn a lot more about them before taking the next step. Here’s to the future of digital marketing!


  • Alice Gibbons December 2018 - Reply

    AffiliateCoin makes a good argument for the affiliate marketing industry. Cleaning up code, added security and less fraud is never going to be overlooked.

  • Mary Wong December 2018 - Reply

    Thank you for this information. i have been in the affiliate marketing world for many years now and feel this is a good step forward for these companies.

  • Dennis Strohl December 2018 - Reply

    Blockchain is getting into EVERYTHING! wow.

  • Lawrence Taylor January 2019 - Reply

    I like that reporting can get a boost in the right direction. I am not sure how else the technology is really going to help affiliate marketing.

  • Victoria Isom January 2019 - Reply

    AffiliateCoin! Wow, that would have been an awesome domain name to own.

  • Scott Boykin January 2019 - Reply

    I wouldn’t have thought the blockchain technology could help the affiliate network industry, but reading through how AffiliateCoin is using it, I have a renewed love for it.

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